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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 45 years45 years by Katerina Charisi
Married for 45 years. Have you any idea how long that is? Do you know how many lives of yours that is? Let me tell you what it means to be married for that long.
 Dupenews: Queen Melaniasbeth I of USA will design her own crown jewels Dupenews: Queen Melaniasbeth I of USA will design her own crown jewels by Theodore K. Nasos
In a statement from the First lady's office it was announced: she demands any official statements or references to her to be under the name: HM Queen Melaniabeth I of USA.
 Eureka: New beginningsEureka: New beginnings by Akli Hadid
I wanted to title my final Eureka piece "Eureka commits suicide" or some shock title like that. I am not suicidal, nor have I ever been. I am a dove and have no killer instincts.
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 Eureka: A fireside chat on qualitative economicsEureka: A fireside chat on qualitative economics by Akli Hadid
A lot of times we evaluate economic progress by looking at quantitative indexes, such as GDP growth rates or unemployment rates. Some countries do rather well quantitatively...
 Eureka: Novelty seeking vs. novelty avoidantEureka: Novelty seeking vs. novelty avoidant by Akli Hadid
Some people are novelty seeking, others avoid novelty as much as they can. Let's look at their traits.
 If You Become If You Become by David Sparenberg
If you become one with God, you share in the agony of God. The agony of God is in the starvation of polar bears and masses.
 Eureka: South Korea - bringing back 10% growthEureka: South Korea - bringing back 10% growth by Akli Hadid
10 industries to revive to bring back 10% growth.
 Eureka: The language learning curriculumEureka: The language learning curriculum by Akli Hadid
In France they focus language learning on reading. That is you read a text, and the teacher lectures you on pronunciation, grammar, synonyms, definitions, reading comprehension...
 Eureka: Solving Korean problems Eureka: Solving Korean problems by Akli Hadid
A few simple solutions to complicated Korean problems
 Colorful MoodsColorful Moods by David Sparenberg
1. Today I start Blue. Not deep, melancholy blue... 2. Light Blue. 1. Light blue as new day sky. 2. Light blue as Robin's egg in May.
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