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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 The road a roadThe road a road by Abigail George
I am standing inside a museum with the thick vibrations of an ocean inside my dated mind filled with the clutter of frames of history, wars sunk into the comaed light of this afternoon. It, this ocean', flows (it resonates within my soul, dies in my spir
 Eureka: Making the most out of the OlympicsEureka: Making the most out of the Olympics by Akli Hadid
Pyeongchang 2018. Tokyo 2020. Beijing 2022. Traditionally, the Olympic Games are located in countries with a growing middle class, and the idea is to build sporting infrastructure that will benefit the growing middle class children, whose parents can init
 Eureka: Taking advantage of political disorderEureka: Taking advantage of political disorder by Akli Hadid
Politicians leave. Land and businesses stay. When politicians don't seem to know what they're doing, when businessmen don't seem to know what they're doing, the cost of the business goes down. That's when you buy the land, buy the business.
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 Eureka: Ingredients for the fourth industrial revolutionEureka: Ingredients for the fourth industrial revolution by Akli Hadid
The recipe for the fourth industrial revolution: good data gatherers, good data analysts, good independent service providers, good online and offline safety systems, good machine handlers, good application of data to real life situations, good innovators
 The Rattlin' TattlersThe Rattlin' Tattlers by Leah Sellers
Rattle! Rattle! Whirrrrr! Rattle! Ka-boom! Ka-boom! "Come on outta' your Hidey Holes, you Rattlin' Tattlers! You do not Rule the Roost here! I, King Clyde, follower of the Trumpian Way, Rule over this here Chicken Coop! And not just this Chicken Coop,
 Eureka: Succeeding in the fourth industrial revolutionEureka: Succeeding in the fourth industrial revolution by Akli Hadid
There was an old joke. We all received that email a little more than ten years ago that went along the lines of ordering pizza twenty years from now. You try to order pizza but the pizza place has access to your medical records and due to your high choles
 Eureka: Six steps to build smart artificial intelligenceEureka: Six steps to build smart artificial intelligence by Akli Hadid
In an age where most information and communication is done and received online, several corporations have been asking how danger can be identified online. That is how to make the difference between hate-related articles or articles inciting terrorism, and
 Eureka: Solutions to the Israeli conflictEureka: Solutions to the Israeli conflict by Akli Hadid
Premier Bibi Netanyahu said during the press briefing with Trump that the government is accepting creative approaches to the conflict. So here are my two and a half cents.
 Lautrec and Georgia (in Greek) Lautrec and Georgia (in Greek) by Avgi Meleti
A short story ...in Greek
 Odyssey Odyssey by David Sparenberg
My mind is full of images and rider of the rainbow-wind Perhaps I am a king or one who sits at the king's elbow and has his ear My heart is full to overflowing: a goblet of the blood of suffering or a chalice of the wine of never ending love
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