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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 HowHow by David Sparenberg
How do we learn (or relearn) to communicate in the language of creation? Roaring thunder contains the heartbeat rhythm of the hummingbird; lightning, iridescence of the dragonfly.
 Dupenews: President Trump's DNA Test Prompts Thorny QuestionsDupenews: President Trump's DNA Test Prompts Thorny Questions by Theodore K. Nasos
President Donald Trump released a DNA test report that found "strong evidence" that he had a soulless alien and a bloodsucking vampire ancestor six to 10 generations back.
 Amazing storiesAmazing stories by Katerina Charisi
-Hey, moving out? -You could call it that, I guess... I don't have a home anymore.
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 Dupenews: Congressman claims harassment from aliens Dupenews: Congressman claims harassment from aliens by Theodore K. Nasos
After voting for Kavanaugh, a Republican congressman claimed that he did so because he is too victim of sexual harassment from a green little creature with big eyes who visited him in his all-men GOP club.
 Two Sides of A Me, Too RealityTwo Sides of A Me, Too Reality by Leah Sellers
"Yes, Boys will be Boys. It's their Natures. Hormones get to poppin' and Boys and Girls do things when they're young that they normally wouldn't given a little Age and Wisdom,"
 Eureka: Different types of povertyEureka: Different types of poverty by Akli Hadid
Poverty can affect individuals, families, societies or nations. Having studied poverty, I realized that most scholars did not differentiate the different types of poverty one can encounter.
 Always on guardAlways on guard by Katerina Charisi
I'm tired of disciplining. In my wills and my fears. In my thoughts, my feelings, to impose the musts. But that's how it goes with loners, my friend. They can lever let go.
 Orcas & Bumblebees Orcas & Bumblebees by David Sparenberg
The most nefarious act of murder is taking place. It is ultimate hubris. The ultimate of human violence.
 Cave Man Grunt and Cave Woman GimmeCave Man Grunt and Cave Woman Gimme by Leah Sellers
"Ugh! Cave Man Grunt want Cave Woman Gimme in Cave." "Not now, Honey. I'm busy poundin' wheat into meal to make our Bread."
 Dupenews: Serial sexual predators demand from FBI Kavanaugh-style investigation Dupenews: Serial sexual predators demand from FBI Kavanaugh-style investigation by Theodore K. Nasos
Serial sexual predators in USA demand from the FBI their accusations to be dealt the same way the Federal Bureau investigated Kavanaugh's case and the courts to act just like US Congress did.
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