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When Thanos or Asa decide to express a particular opinion concerning their magazine they will post it here, plus any other announcements about new developments and plans.

 Sailors for a long sailing by Gordana Mudri
To be honest, I never thought I will sail on a big ship. And, as usual, some things happen quite by accident. And, as usual again, this accidental events are always the best. So, thanks to a friend (that I met by accident) I caught (probably my last) chan
 Why? by The Ovi Team
Why and why and why again and why.......
 Living with your heart ripped off your body by Katerina Charisi
I look down the street from my 3rd-floor large window at Home. Rainwater is running down the glass. The traffic lights look blurry through it. Green, orange, red balls of dim light throwing weak, wavy rays in every raindrop they capture.
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 Always Something! #008 by Thanos Kalamidas
A group of kids always up to something, always on their way somewhere, always wanting something.
 More Berserk Alert! #256 by Tony Zuvela
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert!
 The Mortals of the Megapolis EBook by Thanos Kalamidas
This is the first EBook of a series that we are going to gradually publish under the name "Mortals of the Megapolis".
 The most glorious moments of the Greek history have a "NO" by Thanos Kalamidas
An open letter to my compatriots who are voting this minute representing not just all the Greeks abroad but all the democrats all around the world, all in ...Greek!
 4 News for Ovi bookshelves by Thanos Kalamidas
The proudest moment - for me at least - in Ovi magazine is when we publish new books. I somehow feel that every single one of them is the peak of what we are doing in this magazine. Every single book, doesn't matter if it is a novel or a philosophical es
 We live in a world lacking generosity. It's so easy to do something about it. by Kittirat Yothangrong
One of the interesting things of live, is that from the moment of birth, every form of life wants something, be it a plant, animal, or human infant. As we grow, we want the latest clothes, the latest technological mod-cons, the best food, and love and aff
 Geopolitics - Europe of Sarajevo 100 years later by Anis Bajrektarevic by The Ovi Team
For his previous book Geopolitics of Technology - Is There Life after Facebook, published by the New York's Addleton, former Austrian Foreign Minister Peter Jankowitsch has said: "Insightful, compelling and original, this book is an exciting journey thr
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