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When Thanos or Asa decide to express a particular opinion concerning their magazine they will post it here, plus any other announcements about new developments and plans.

 Imaginal Spheres* by David Sparenberg
That which you love continues with you: patterns and the calligraphies of love continue from life to life. From this process comes the shaping of your Heaven, the creating out of correspondence of an imaginal sphere.
 Is Brexit the first sign for an EU-exit? by Thanos Kalamidas
In the days and weeks to come we will all have the chance to talk extensively about the new Europe that rose this morning, June 24th 2016, after the British referendum, which found Britain in the exit side of the European Union. And there are going to be
 Ευχές την εποχή με τη δυστυχία παγκοσμιοποιημέν by Ovi Greece
Πριν από λίγη ώρα τέλειωσα αντίστοιχο κείμενο πο
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 David Sparenberg's new book: THE GREEN TROUBADOUR A Source Book of Performance Ecosophy by David Sparenberg
David Sparenberg is well known to Ovi readership so any introduction to him or his work will undermine everything he is and everything he has offered and keeps generously offer. In a world full of demands David only offers.
 Noah, Peter Pan and the Sleeping Beauty by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
Economic downturn; recession of plans and initiatives; ecrisis; Brexit and irredentism in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Italy; lasting instability in the Euro-Med theatre (debt crisis of the Europe's south - countries scrutinized and ridiculed unde
 The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce by Thanos Kalamidas
It is a great honour for Ovi magazine to publish Professor Ernesto Paolozzi's second Benedetto Croce book: "The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce". The book has been translated from Italian by Professor Emanuel Paparella and I think the most appropriate th
 Too Much Coffee on an Empty Stomach by Leah Sellers
"Ralph, what in the world are you readin' there, Buddy. I haven't seen you give anything that much eye-bogglin' attention since that heifer of yours gave birth to twins," Jebediah sat down across the table from his friend at one of the locals Favor
 SnakeBoots #601 by Thanos Kalamidas
Wild West, a ghost city, a cactus and a very crawling snake-boots Sherriff who wants to be John Wayne in the place of John Wayne! Or ...Clint Eastwood ...whatever ...anyway, something like that in the wild wild west!
 Fear for change by Katerina Charisi
The car's sounds makes me sleepy. My stomach twirls with mixed feelings of joy and happiness, love and fear for the unknown overwhelming me. Was it too soon to make this big step with him? Was it too risky? Was it wise to leave everything behind, for a n
 United we should stand by Thanos Kalamidas
From the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris in the beginning of the year to the Flood disaster in Chennai, India few days ago, 2015 was not a poor year regarding events with international impact.
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