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William Edo

William Edo

Student of human nature and virtual side effects

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 Spam by William Edo
Ever since I first opened an email account about ten years ago, I received tons of spam. I’ll share their contents with you.I have accumulated around 2,000 years of good luck ahead of me for forwarding spams. I also g
 World Peace Model # 1: Oughtopian peace model by William Edo
\"Oughtopia\" is a term coined by Korean philosopher Choue Young Seek. It is a philosophy that leads to a society that ought to be realized, a society that is spiritually beautiful, materially affluent and humanly rewarding.
 New world disorder # 1: Global Injustice by William Edo
For similar crimes, here’s how people don’t get different punishments:-A guy lies about his religion or ethnicity to avoid racial prejudice from other people. He gets caught and his friends think it’s so l
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 Cheaters by William Edo
What would sports look like without doping? Who are the great champions who were accused of doping? Here’s a list of great champions who allegedly doped, and, some believe, who would never have been great champions without doping.
 2007 Terrorism World Championship by William Edo
Qualified Teams: Afghanistan, Colombia, the European Union, India, Iraq, Israel, the Maghreb, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The terrorism world championship takes into accoun
 Myths surrounding money by William Edo
Money is also a state of mind. To some, being rich and famous does not buy happiness. But to many, it is the only life they ever dreamt of. I haven’t counted the number of times I got cut off for mentioning money rela
 Universal human rights in a cultural diversity context by William Edo
Social life is governed by principles and doctrines that differ in every society. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, though in my opinion the greatest document ever to be printed, sometimes might contradict people’s traditions.
 Is there a way we can become immortals? by William Edo
I remember a case when an old man put his dead wife in a freezer instead of burying her. He thought science would one day be able to resuscitate her. That sparked a debate concerning whether or not we could one day become immortals.
 Some immigrants dislike immigration by William Edo
Putting the blame on immigrants has the consequence of seeing more and more immigrants oppose immigration. If they can’t beat people with hate speeches towards immigration, they’ll join them.In France, the ultim
 Greens don't recommend divorce! by William Edo
Divorces cause emotional and financial damage. It also has consequences for children and… the environment.In Sweden, Finland and Belarus, more than 50% marriages end up in divorce, the highest rates in the world. An A
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