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Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor is an educational researcher living in Inner Mongolia, China.

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 Hohhot: A City of Many Names by Valerie Sartor
 Exploring Chinese Communication Styles by Valerie Sartor
 Farmer & Nomad in Inner Mongolia:Who is to Blame for Grassland Degradation? by Valerie Sartor
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 Who Defines Us? - A Lesson from the Buriats under Soviet Rule by Valerie Sartor
 The Dilemma of the Modern Nomad by Valerie Sartor
 M&M by Valerie Sartor
Bakhtin was right: Nothing sits separate. All major ideas and social forces in our vast human history are connected to something earlier, something analogous, something in the past. No break exists between the past and the present. We just thin
 Siberian Miracle Mud by Valerie Sartor
 Gateway to Faith: Inclusive or Exclusive?Gateway to Faith: Inclusive or Exclusive? by Valerie Sartor
Long ago, my mother taught me never to argue politics or religion, but she also did not condemn my healthy interest in these subjects. Learning to respect other people’s beliefs was part of my emotional educat
 Outsiders and InsidersOutsiders and Insiders by Valerie Sartor
The territory of modern day China holds hundreds of different indigenous peoples, officially categorized into 55 minority groups. The dominant culture and group is the Han. Traditionally the Han have
 Family MattersFamily Matters by Valerie Sartor
As an educator, I have found that work and education have priority over personal happiness for my Chinese students, both in China and abroad. Chinese students work extremely hard, keeping a serious mien, while American st
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