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Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor

Valerie Sartor is an educational researcher living in Inner Mongolia, China.

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 How Do You Say "Yes, Please" in Chinese? by Valerie Sartor
Many kinds of linguistic means and strategies exist for achieving politeness in Mandarin Chinese. These communicative patterns are cultural and not easy for foreigners to understand. To put it succinctly, Confucius said, \"By nature we converge
 Gifts, Bribes and Guanxi: What's it all About? by Valerie Sartor
 Amgalan, a Buriat Doctor, Speaks about Buddhism by Valerie Sartor
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 Profession and Indigenous Identity: Buriat Doctors by Valerie Sartor
 The Buriat Doctor is in by Valerie Sartor
 Crossing cultures crossing languages by Valerie Sartor
 Fasting for 14 Days in Siberia by Valerie Sartor
 Confucianism in Relation to Communist Ideology and Modern Chinese Education by Valerie Sartor
 What is A Pure Mongol, Anyway? by Valerie Sartor
 Shaman by Valerie Sartor
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