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Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher lives, works and breathes in London, England. Following the completion of an Economics Degree, he found his dream job as a STIR Trader in the City of London, the heart of the world’s financial system. He studies the world stock and bond markets on a daily basis, while monitoring world economic and political events which affect his markets.
 Markets take stock of EUMarkets take stock of EU by Tony Butcher
The French were the first to say ‘Non’ that has led to the Dutch saying ‘Nee’, with two founding member countries of the European Community rejecting the proposed Constitution the EU is struggling for a post-referendum dire
 Sell in May & go awaySell in May & go away by Tony Butcher
While May is approaching, it is not the time of year to start getting bullish (a belief that markets will rise) about the stock markets. A few factors are bringing economic uncertainty to the markets. With the French referendum on the EU constitut
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