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Theodore K. Nasos

Theodore K. Nasos

Theodore K. Nasos, researcher, ghost writer, observer.

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 Dupenews: Trump's New Year resolution by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: Trump is looking candidates for a new show: "Chief of Staffs" by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: Cohen, the new US Ambassador to Russia! by Theodore K. Nasos
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 Dupenews: May promises to Remain Brexit! by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: Ivanka voluntarily Locks Herself Up! by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: Make America Rake Again by Theodore K. Nasos
Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!
 Dupenews: Queen Melaniasbeth I of USA will design her own crown jewels by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: Fox News: The caravan carries myopia virus by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: It was his Shaolin-monk training by Theodore K. Nasos
 Dupenews: President Trump's DNA Test Prompts Thorny Questions by Theodore K. Nasos
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