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Selin Yildiz

Selin Yildiz

Graduated from Architecture Faculty of Yıldız Technical University at 2004. She began working as a research asistant in 2005 in Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture. She took her master degree on Building Research and Programming from the same university in 2008. She completed her master thesis titled “A Reseach on Changing Face of the Street Facades – Talimhane Example”. She’s current studying Ph.D degree about Universal Design in Tourism buildings. She asists Design Studios and theoretical lessons since 2005. Her main reseach areas are Architectural Design and Tourism. Blog: http://yesilsulueksielma.blogspot.com/
 Urban FATAL ERROR ProjectsUrban FATAL ERROR Projects by Selin Yildiz
The death of a overdose man who constitute a bad example to society
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