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Rohingya Human Rights

Rohingya Human Rights

The Rohingya community of Arakan, Burma ( Myanmar ) is one of the most unfortunate and down-trodden minority groups of the world, who have been constantly subjected to gross human rights violation decades after decades by the military rulers of Burma who have turned Burma into a secret state of terror since 1962. The Council for Restoration of Democracy in Burma (CRDB) has been working for the restoration of Democracy in Burma as well as for the restoration of human rights of Rohingya community. Our Email: crdb.rohingyas@gmail.com
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 Rohingya: The political refugees face discrimination and harsh treatment wherever they go by Rohingya Human Rights
The historical backgrounds of Arakan ironically implied as evidences that the existence of Rohinga  Muslims in Arakan  is for centuries . But They claimed as world`s most oppressed ethnic minority which is unbelievable to all instantl
 The Rohingya issue calls for international attention by Rohingya Human Rights
Once Arakan was an independent and sovereign monarchy ruled by Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim kings. According to A. P Phayer and G.E. Harvey, the Arakanese kings established their capitals in eight different towns, transferring from one to another.
 Junta Continues to Suppress Religious Freedom: US by Rohingya Human Rights
The Burmese military junta continues to oppress people on religious grounds and actively promotes Theravada Buddhism, said a US report on religion released last Monday."It systematically restricted efforts by Buddhist
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 The 'Burmese Way' to a 'Disciplined Flourishing Democracy' by Rohingya Human Rights
Many people assume that the Constitution approved in Burma in 2008 adopted a standard presidential system. But the type of presidential system used in the Constitution is unique to Burma and differs from other presidential systems used around t
 The Rohingya Refugees: Victims of Exploitation by Rohingya Human Rights
Nowadays, the Rohingya refugees are not free from exploitation in every moment of their step in countries of their first or second asylum before reaching to a meaningful solution.It is easy to catch the circumstances in most c
 "Honorable return with UN guarantee" of Rohingya Refugees be included as one of the agendas in the up coming talk between US and Burma by Rohingya Human Rights
The New Age, Dhaka published on 28th September,2009 a news that “Law minister Shafique Ahmed said on Sunday that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had asked for precise details about the Rohingya refugees from the northern Arakan
 Rohingya in Bangladesh & their issues by Rohingya Human Rights
Who are the Rohingya? The Rohingya are genetically related to Bengalis, Indians, Arabs and Moors, reflected in their darker skin a
 What is the actual population of Rohingyas? by Rohingya Human Rights
In its Briefing Paper No. 2, 2009 dated 26 March 2009, the Brussels based Euro-Burma Office stated : ' in international circles it (Rohingya) is generally used to denote the Muslim community in the three townships of northern Arakan State
 The Cultural Affinity of Rohingyas with Bengal by Rohingya Human Rights
Ignoring the glorious historical records of the Rohingya Muslims in the ancient Arakan Kingdom, the Burmese military regime and the anti- Rohingya camps brand them as the Bengali immigrants of the 123 years of British Colonial rule from 1827 to 19
 The Curse of Historical Rivalries in Arakan State of Burma by Rohingya Human Rights
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