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Rohingya Human Rights

Rohingya Human Rights

The Rohingya community of Arakan, Burma ( Myanmar ) is one of the most unfortunate and down-trodden minority groups of the world, who have been constantly subjected to gross human rights violation decades after decades by the military rulers of Burma who have turned Burma into a secret state of terror since 1962. The Council for Restoration of Democracy in Burma (CRDB) has been working for the restoration of Democracy in Burma as well as for the restoration of human rights of Rohingya community. Our Email: crdb.rohingyas@gmail.com
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 Unexpected Rohingya history in Saudi Arabia by Rohingya Human Rights
Since the Rohingyas have started in fluxing into neighboring country and further proceeding westward dimension. As the situation has been changing from bad to worse Rohingyas are being compelled to migrate from their motherland. Thus first batch o
 US Comgress Resolution to immediately recognize the Rohingya people by Rohingya Human Rights
A Calling on the military regime in Burma, the State Peace and Development Council, to immediately recognize the Rohingya people as full and equal citizens of Burma, lift all restrictions on movement, marriage, and access to education for the Rohi
 Monk Jailed for Anti-Electioneering by Rohingya Human Rights
On the third anniversary of the monk-led mass demonstrations in September 2007 and ahead of the Nov.7 Elections, a special court held in Rangoon's notorious Insein Prison on Monday sentenced
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 Advocate the causes of distress Rohingyas in Bangladesh by Rohingya Human Rights
On behalf of the entire Rohingya community in Bangladesh, we undersigned Rohingya Youths from various countries are very much concerned and shocked by the recent inhuman treatment of Bangladeshi government and locals to toward innocent Rohingya re
 A Call to Stop Factionalism for Urgent Reconciliation by Rohingya Human Rights
We, undersigned organizations are deeply concerned about ongoing and systematic mispropagandas of Burmese opposition group towards continuous ethnic cleansing, persuading the Burmese military regime by various means.The opp
 Arakan: A Field of Muslim Genocide by Rohingya Human Rights
Rohang, the old name of Arakan, was very familiar region for the Arab seafarers even during the pre-Islamic days. Tides of people like the Arabs, Moors, Turks, Pathans, Moguls, Central Asians, Bengalis came mostly as traders, warriors, preachers a
 Rohingya refugees should not be treated with hostile attitude by Rohingya Human Rights
The  Rohingya, ethnic minority of Arakan, Burma have been languishing in their ancestral Land, Arakan and in exile for decades  since the military took power in 1962. They are being treated as foreigners. The history has shown their e
 A permanent solution to Rohingya issue before repatriation is most crucial by Rohingya Human Rights
Under different periods of history, Arakan had been an independent and sovereign monarchy ruled by Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. According to A. P Phayer and G.E. Harvey, the Arakanese kings established alternately capitals in eight different
 Joint statement on 2010 Election Boycott by Rohingya Human Rights
We, undersigned organizations and communities for democracy, human rights, peace, justice and tranquility in Burma reaffirm that emergence of immediate and genuine reconciliation among all ethno-religious and political groups before the 2010 elect
 Future Looks Bleak for ethnic Rohingya by Rohingya Human Rights
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