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Newropeans Magazine is an independent magazine developped for the exchange of views on the future of a democratic Europe. Newropeans Magazine is independent from all European institutions, governments, religions and political parties: www.newropeans-magazine.org
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 The Scourge of Domestic Violence in Ireland Today by Newropeans-Magazine
“… one in five Irish women who have ever been in a relationship experience physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse.” (Margaret Martin, Director Women’s Aid)
 9 December 2011: The day Britain left Europe by Newropeans-Magazine
David Cameron emerged as the villain of the hour in the early hours of this morning as news broke that after tense all-night discussions, the UK has vetoed treaty change to save the faltering euro. The meeting then went to plan B, forging ah
 Are you still being ruled or are you already governing yourself? by Newropeans-Magazine
Wirst du noch regiert oder verwaltest du dich schon selbst?Baden-Württemberg, for the first time in its history, will have a state-wide referendum on 27.11.2011. The question, about which the citizens will decide, is,
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 UNESCO: Education, Science, Culture & Politics! by Newropeans-Magazine
 Greek referendum: the future of the eurozone through the democratic box by Newropeans-Magazine
Here are some remarks concerning the decision of the Greek prime minister to hold a referendum on the agreement negotiated in Brussels for his country to get out of the crisis and its likely consequences:
 New lords to replace the old kings by Newropeans-Magazine
Exported by the Europeans, or more exactly by the "Eurolanders", Spaniards, Portugese, French, Greeks, Germans,... all citizens of the Eurozone, because they perfectly understood that the starting point of all this mess is oversea, the
 Never mind English, worry about Spanish by Newropeans-Magazine
Foreigners arriving in or dealing with Chile, even those whose mother tongue is Spanish, soon realise that they have a problem understanding what they hear or read. It is not just the pronunciation or the strange words, but the utterance of amazin
 Moot Points over Palestinian Statehood? by Newropeans-Magazine
Ever since last summer, much ink has been spilt, and many computer bytes have been used, as experts and commentators alike have discussed whether Palestinians should go to the United Nations in order to claim their statehood or whether they wou
 Berlusconi: Italy is a "shitty country" by Newropeans-Magazine
He's survived sex scandals, corruption investigations and insurrections – but can Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi survive in his post even after insulting the country he rules? Considering t
 How the Dutch struggle with the next round of EU integration by Newropeans-Magazine
Evidence is growing that Europe is rapidly heading toward further integration. Finance ministries in the eurozone do not trust the tricky Greek situation. While they hope for the best (that Greece will succeed to get its se
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