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Mike Jennett

Mike Jennett

Originally British, I’ve spent the last 25 years traveling the world scratching out a living as a freelance programmer. It’s less satisfying than building fences, which is what paid the bills back in 1973, but provides plenty of material about which to toddle off a few paragraphs. These days, you’ll find me in Washington DC, not far from ‘Dubbya’ - who never calls, never writes and doesn’t ask for advice. Maybe Hilary will…
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 Wheels on the bike go round and round 9: Hiking by Mike Jennett
Palm Springs: Went there. Hiked. Left.Ditto Joshua Tree: Hiking is like smoking; no good, second-hand.You have to be the one doing it to give a damn about how hard the day is, or how spectacular the
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 8: English Grille by Mike Jennett
Obviously, my mind is not what it was, for I must have forgotten pertinent facts about the décor of drinking establishments in my homeland. Lyon’s English Grille, however, reminded me of all of them.Stained glass
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 7: Hotel California by Mike Jennett
Seven-Eleven convenience stores got their name from their once unique business hours, when they opened from 7.00am until 11.00pm in an era when business had not yet learned to cater to the convenience of the masses.Motel 6
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 Wheels on the bike go round and round 6: Flying by Mike Jennett
Flying is wonderful.I have not changed my mind about flying but, occasionally, the odds favor the unlikely. Statistics is not an exact science.Meda picked me up, which had the double bonus of a
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 5: Airports by Mike Jennett
Flying is evil.I hate it.Consider this: after the waiting-for-cab trauma, check-in lines, baggage restrictions, delays and paying through the nose for anything that might be classed as an extra, the only part of
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 4: Bike Service by Mike Jennett
Is it Attention Deficit youth, or cranky old age that creates communication errors? Are we so picky and demanding that we confuse and traumatize the younger generation, or is their attention upon us so briefly that they have no idea what we said o
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 3: Training by Mike Jennett
It’s real.I hurt.I trained on Sunday. Even I, who can usually find plenty of reasons for not doing so, know that some training is better than none.People who live in Florida have no idea what h
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 2: Preparation by Mike Jennett
3 weeks to go. 504 hours. 30,240 minutes. Don't ask how many seconds - that would just be anal. Ok, if you want to get detailed, it's 9 laundry loads, 3 gas-ups, 6 movies, 4 dance le
 Wheels on the bike go round and round: Introduction by Mike Jennett
I’m going to ride my bicycle across America, from Los Angeles to Boston. Again. You might ask why. You’d not be alone if you did. Why would I want to pedal more than 3,400 miles in all winds
 Damned computers by Mike Jennett
One day Bill Gates and his partners in this miserable existence we call the computer age will be called to task. No heaven for them. They off down below, to the place of everlasting warmth – and I don’t mean Florida.
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