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Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and poet, who has had over 240 poems published in over 110 journals and online publications. He is a member of Poets & Writers, Inc and Directory of American Poets & Fictions Writers: pw.org/directory. He has been published in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, India, and the United Kingdom. The Lost American is about one man’s journey into exile over the Vietnam War many years ago, his struggle, his survival, his road to recovery and strength manifesting itself through his prose and poems. Mr. Michael Lee Johnson lives with his best friend, Nikki, the cat, and is content to be living in a small suburb of Chicago.
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 Sadly, We Die by Michael Lee Johnson
Sadly, We Die Sadly, we die in little black suitcase boxes,
 Willow Tree and the Rain Falls by Michael Lee Johnson
Willow Tree and the Rain Falls (V3) Willow tree where the rain falls,
 Poets Out of Service by Michael Lee Johnson
Poets Out of Service (V5)Like a full service gas station,
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 Schizophrenia Night by Michael Lee Johnson
Schizophrenia Night(Devoted to John Nash, A Beautiful Mind Movie, 2001)I am a chalkboard computer brain.I have updated drawn raw
 Poem of Sinners and Saints (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
Poem of Sinners and Saints (V2)Sinners hurt.Moonlight cracks open like a walnut, spreads soft light across open sky.Sinners hurt.They dart to alleyw
 Possum Slim (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
Possum Slim (V2)105 years old todayPossum Slim finallygets his GED,drinks gin,talks with the dead.“Str
 If You Find No Poem (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
If You Find No Poem (V3)If you findno poem onyour doorstepin the morning,no paper, no knock on your door,your life poorly edi
 Dead Grey Wolf Skins by Michael Lee Johnson
Dead Grey Wolf Skins (Tribute:  Aldo Leopold)Dead grey wolf skins hangon white clotheslines across Baraboo, Wisconsinthe dar
 Skinny Indiana Boy (V2)Skinny Indiana Boy (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
Skinny Indiana Boy (V2)(Poem in Exile, Vietnam War)
 Common Church Poem by Michael Lee Johnson
Common Church PoemSitting here in the pewsplinters in
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