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Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha was born in 1978 in Zvishavane District in Zimbabwe, and was inspired by his social surroundings at a young age. As a young man, Mbizo quickly gained prominence as a performing poet and writer both in Zimbabwe and internationally. The themes of his poetry include children’s rights, politics, social lives, gender issues, praise and protest, culture and African pride. Mbizo’s poems can be read in print, but are even more powerful when performed by the dynamic poet himself. With a vision of using his poetry to promote peace, healing, stability, and cultural freedom, Mbizo is a poet with commitment, talent, and a desire to perform whenever and wherever he can.
 Dawn RisingDawn Rising by Mbizo Chirasha
I see many voices rising with the sunsharp spears of the sun ,undulating with comi
 Tribute to African WritersTribute to African Writers by Mbizo Chirasha
For I wrote so long a letter to Mayombe and AnowaThat will marry when I wantFor the beautiful ones are not yet bornWhile we wait for the rainIn the coming of the dry seasonBehind the ant
 I am a revolutionI am a revolution by Mbizo Chirasha
Tongues of their guns kissed the bottoms of our country wallssand of corruption sedimented our banking mallsbishops munching rainbow chicken bones,singing political versesviolence is a black diseaseracism is a white dis
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 In Memory of motherhoodIn Memory of motherhood by Mbizo Chirasha
Written 30 April 2010, salutation to all mothers including my own mother who carried this freedom griot for times unforgotten.Pain scribbled signatures in mothers buttocksannouncing the beginning of sunsetsun
 "stinking breath of my pen""stinking breath of my pen" by Mbizo Chirasha
greasy propaganda apples for peasantsbourgeoisie for sweating corruption omeletvillagers for cassava and diet cokestreets for hip hop and toy gunsschool uniform for phd studies and bible for my daughterw
 "Haiti my generation""Haiti my generation" by Mbizo Chirasha
Haiti my generationHaiti, Haiti ,HaitiSorrow stole the heart of the landLungs of the east suffocatingSouth heav
 Art In Politics - "Anthem of the Black Poet"Art In Politics - "Anthem of the Black Poet" by Mbizo Chirasha
the succulent breast of Mother Africa ooze with themilk of black renaissancethe rich womb of Africa germinate seeds of blackconsciousness.the black blood bubble with identity of Africa
 "Decades of Bullets""Decades of Bullets" by Mbizo Chirasha
Ouga dogou, ouga dogouSee a procession of young mothers chattering their wayFrom water fountains in grenade torn sandalsAnd blood laced brasSomalia, Somalia, SomaliaSee them disapp
 "Dear Mother""Dear Mother" by Mbizo Chirasha
I am the womb aborted in the Baghdads of grenadesI am a fetus suffocating in the mist of politricksI am the archeology that you can study for your Ph.D.I am the cemetery of unused mindsI am th
 "Verbal Bomber""Verbal Bomber" by Mbizo Chirasha
My poetry sings of blood rookers sniffing blood in KurdistanMy poetry sings of dagga smokers pulling mosques in KurzstanMy mind is the investigatorMy pen is the prosecutorI am not a lunatic but I am a
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