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Lilika Ruby

Lilika Ruby

Lilika Ruby is a practicing artist who thinks of herself as a sort of OCD Renaissance woman. Research obsessions include BDSM, string theory, Performance Art, Shibari, and the proof of zero, just to name a few.
 Naked in the Museum: TD&A - Part 2Naked in the Museum: TD&A - Part 2 by Lilika Ruby
 Sex, Art and the Search for StimulationSex, Art and the Search for Stimulation by Lilika Ruby
 Gangbang Parties and Domina RoomsGangbang Parties and Domina Rooms by Lilika Ruby
Those of you who’ve been reading Art + Sex will recognize t
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 Sex, swinging and the need to secedeSex, swinging and the need to secede by Lilika Ruby
Earlier this year, Swiss artist Christoph Büchel installed a
 Art + Sex: Lace Panties, White Cube (aka: Naked in the Museum)Art + Sex: Lace Panties, White Cube (aka: Naked in the Museum) by Lilika Ruby
Before I went to Art School, I went to the Kemper Museum. Hanging in one of the two main galleries was a group photography exhibit. I remember one photograph quite clearly. It was on the far wall – a temporary, movable wall, which you’
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