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Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers is a resident Texas who has enjoyed three varied careers within her lifetime as a: Secondary Education teacher in the fields of English, History, Journalism and Special Education, a professional singer/songwriter, and a visual artist and poet. She has had the great good fortune, while performing and travelling the U.S. with her sisters, to open for such folks as Willie Nelson, Johnny Rodriguez and Trini Lopez, and to sing during the gospel hour at the Grand "ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
 A Wailing Time with No WallA Wailing Time with No Wall by Leah Sellers
“Dragons fall from the skies full of terrified and disbelieving Lives lost in Fire and Smoke.  Homebound, Peaceful Dragons of Global transport and commerce.  Dragons filled with Loved Ones Netherworld bound.”
 Two Terrorists Talking TerrorismTwo Terrorists Talking Terrorism by Leah Sellers
“Ah Politics.  The wonder and folly of the Political Seasons,”  Jihadi Number One sighed.“They are much advantageous Seasons of Time filled with manipulative potentialities, Jihadi Number
 Humanity's Demons Are Growling and ProwlingHumanity's Demons Are Growling and Prowling by Leah Sellers
Be careful, my Beloveds.  Be careful.  The Demons of Humanity are Growling and Prowling.It is a Time, once again, when Gods of Creation and Creativity are focused on the Darker Energies of Annihilation and
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 The UnNatural Nature of Honey TrapsThe UnNatural Nature of Honey Traps by Leah Sellers
“Alright, Sam, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about ?”  Jethro asked bluntly.  “First of all, if it’s about my not havin’ returned your box of tools to you yet, well, I’m not done fixin
 Moon Pie SkyMoon Pie Sky by Leah Sellers
Moon Pie Sky The Moon is Full TonightBi
 The Sparkin' to Life of a Frankenstein MonsterThe Sparkin' to Life of a Frankenstein Monster by Leah Sellers
 Hey !  Have We Gotta' War to Sell to You !Hey ! Have We Gotta' War to Sell to You ! by Leah Sellers
 Smelly Snake Pits and Arm PitsSmelly Snake Pits and Arm Pits by Leah Sellers
“Sam, do you remember the conversation the gang had at the poker game the other evenin’ about what’s goin’ on in Syria,”  Jethro asked his long time friend as they headed toward Sam’s old, weathered wood
 Let's Talk About Guns !Let's Talk About Guns ! by Leah Sellers
Imagine, rootin’ tootin’ pistol packin’ mamas and papas strolling the neighborhoods with their children and squeaky baby carriages, shopping at grocery stores (complaining and grumbling ever louder and more stridently about th
 A Future Pope Francis II?A Future Pope Francis II? by Leah Sellers
While once again driving Mrs. Joanne down the little, winding country road, leading to the Our L
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