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Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers is a resident Texas who has enjoyed three varied careers within her lifetime as a: Secondary Education teacher in the fields of English, History, Journalism and Special Education, a professional singer/songwriter, and a visual artist and poet. She has had the great good fortune, while performing and travelling the U.S. with her sisters, to open for such folks as Willie Nelson, Johnny Rodriguez and Trini Lopez, and to sing during the gospel hour at the Grand "ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
 A Girl of Good ConscienceA Girl of Good Conscience by Leah Sellers
“Mommy, when I was messing around on-line today, a man sent me a story about a group of American Soldiers fighting in Viet Nam who went crazy for some reason, and Raped, Tortured and Murdered everybody in a Village they bumped into in the
 Trumpty's River City Pool Hall Scam-a-lam!Trumpty's River City Pool Hall Scam-a-lam! by Leah Sellers
“Harvey, what are you doing downstairs so early, hon ? It’s not even 5:00 yet,” Maybelle said as she walked toward her husband’s easy-chair.“Oh, I had trouble sleeping after listening t
 The Sex Habits of RattlesnakesThe Sex Habits of Rattlesnakes by Leah Sellers
“Glad you’re Home early, Maybelle,” Harvey greeted his wife as she was getting out of her Toyota sedan. “I need your help roundin’ the Horses up before you head out to feed the Chickens. “Ole Diablo slid open
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 We Must Resist Banana Republicanism!We Must Resist Banana Republicanism! by Leah Sellers
Lady Liberty is sitting in a Pot of slowly Boiling Frogs ! Ribbit and God Bless America !Yes, Lady Liberty’s fanny is reddening slowly but surely. But all is notLost ! Lady Liberty and t
 No, It's Not Alright!No, It's Not Alright! by Leah Sellers
“Maybelle, woman, I’ve been lookin’ all over for you,” complained Hyram. “I should’ve known to look in your Green House first.”Maybelle, calmly looked up from the yellow rose bush s
 Oh Lordy !  It's a God Particle !Oh Lordy ! It's a God Particle ! by Leah Sellers
“Peggy Joy, get on over here and help me muck these stalls out,”  her Brother Kyle barked. “And why should I ?  You didn’t help me wash and dry the dishes afte
 The Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild TurkeyThe Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild Turkey by Leah Sellers
“Yep, Jeb, I surely do enjoy teachin’ the Sunday School class they handed me,”  Harvey announced, as he and his old friend Jeb trammeled and crunched their way through the Autumn Woods in search of Wild Game.
 Were-Wolf Missiles and Territorial Urination RitualsWere-Wolf Missiles and Territorial Urination Rituals by Leah Sellers
\"Nanner-Nanner-Boo-Boo !  My Hands are Bigger than your hands, Kimmy Boy !  My Button is Bigger and more Potent than your button......  Sabres Rattle! Fangs slash and tear at Flesh and Bone.
 The Grand Old Jacksonian Magnolia TreeThe Grand Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree by Leah Sellers
Tim-berrrr !  Let her down easy, Boys ! That’s right !  The Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree which has Graced the American White House’s Grounds for over 175 years, is being t
 The Spreading and Threading Corptocracies of the WorldThe Spreading and Threading Corptocracies of the World by Leah Sellers
Oh yes, those slowing creeping, deeply seeping Corptocracies of the World.  Led by well trained and maintained CEO and CFO and BAH and Omega and Zeta and… highly ambitious Capitalizing Capitalist Autocrats of Transactional Wheelings-
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