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Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers is a resident Texas who has enjoyed three varied careers within her lifetime as a: Secondary Education teacher in the fields of English, History, Journalism and Special Education, a professional singer/songwriter, and a visual artist and poet. She has had the great good fortune, while performing and travelling the U.S. with her sisters, to open for such folks as Willie Nelson, Johnny Rodriguez and Trini Lopez, and to sing during the gospel hour at the Grand "ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
 A Modern Tale of Ali Baba - Yaga !A Modern Tale of Ali Baba - Yaga ! by Leah Sellers
My name is Ali Baba - Yaga.  I was born and raised in the United States of America.  I am a second generation Persian American.  I like describing myself as a Persian.  There is more Glory and Romanticism associated with the
 That's My Parking Place, Fella' !That's My Parking Place, Fella' ! by Leah Sellers
Jethro turned his black Harley Davidson motorcycle into his Brother’s gravel driveway.  He parked the Big Bike he called Razorback, walked up the front porch steps of the white frame farmhouse, and tapped on Sam’s screen door.
 Mama, Do You Know Me ?Mama, Do You Know Me ? by Leah Sellers
After a series of almost undetectable mini-strokes, and an ongoing struggle with breast cancer, Mama developed a mild Dementia.  Some days were better than others.  But each and every day was a Life\'s Lesson.  A Life\'s Treasure.
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 Militias of ConspiracyMilitias of Conspiracy by Leah Sellers
“Tommy Ray, what are you doin’ walkin’ into my kitchen with granddaddy’s ‘ole twelve gauge Shot Gun ?  You, and the Boys goin’ on a Huntin’ Trip you forgot to inform me of ?”
 Are You A Communist ?!Are You A Communist ?! by Leah Sellers
Today, I was taken aback. Someone (who shall remain nameless), who had been wanting to have political discussions with me, as of late, for some reason, asked me what I thought about everything
 Are You Still Looking.....?Are You Still Looking.....? by Leah Sellers
Are you still Looking ?Pulling up Pebbles and RocksYanking up Weeds and Knowledgeable TreesPeering inside Craters on the Dark Side of the Moon ?
 Angels of Paradox - In and Out of The BoxAngels of Paradox - In and Out of The Box by Leah Sellers
Human Beings are Earth bound Creatures Wearing and Bearing Varying Shades of Gray.  Bearing WithIn and Wearing WithOut our Positive and Negative Energetic Sources and ReSources, and Environmental-Cultural Petri Dishes/Boxes.  We are a
 Lock 'n Load Overload !Lock 'n Load Overload ! by Leah Sellers
“ Hey, Billy Bob !  Long time no see !  How’re Peg and the kids ?”  Tommy Jim called out to his old friend good naturedly. “Ornery as ever, Tommy Jim.  But I
 Let's Call It What It Is...Let's Call It What It Is... by Leah Sellers
Human Stories….Human Myths and Legends, especially those filled with Personal and Societal Politics steeped within the moaning and groaning scratching struggles for Treasure, Power and the Divine, profoundly Resonate throughout the tangle
 Israel's Burning CrossIsrael's Burning Cross by Leah Sellers
“Burn that Cross, Boys !  Burn it !  Douse that can of gas-o-line all over it !  And light ‘er up !” “Can you Feel the Glory of God pulsing’ through
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