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Kufre Udeme

Kufre Udeme

He was born in 1989, in South Southern Nigeria. In 2008, he became the youngest columnist in Community Pulse - one of the leading Newspapers in Akwa Ibom State. Now, a contributing poet at Mad Swirl - where the maddest of the mad ones are.

Kufre Udeme is a strong-willed writer with an artistic commitment to beat the blind criticism of Africa.

Since 2007, his writings has been published in local and international publications. All States, The Evangelist, and Update Newspapers were the first rung of his publishing ladder. Fullosia Press, NY, published his poem in its 2011 Independence Day Issue entitled, ''The Obama Nation'' paving the way for his featuring in various online publications such as Apollo's Lyre, Queen Vic Knives, Nefarious Ballerina 5.2, Poets West, and Poets Haven. Others include Exercise Bowler - issue 7, Boyne Berries 10, The Moth - Ireland, Decanto issue 5.7, Penny Ante Feud #7, Essence, Rattle Journal issue three, and The Muse - an International Journal of Poetry, India.

This poet holds a certificate on Effective Writing and Book Publishing Skills - awarded by Quest Publishing House, Lagos, in conjunction with Centre for Publishing & Communication Research, and Harvest Time International Institute. Please visit www.kufreudeme.blogspot.com to contact him.
 The Legs In Your Lineages by Kufre Udeme
Sitting by the shoreWatching the whispering waterAmbling through the forestListening to the moaning of the treesThey echoed one warning meaning     My child, my child    
 Ibibio Baby by Kufre Udeme
     Ibibio babyHe regrets coming doubleHe prefers coming single like a cow     Born in the night     Named OkonHe is circumcised after eight daysHe buries his
 Suicide by Kufre Udeme
When the air is heavy to breatheAnd nothing more offer life to the fleshDeath becomes an option to sheatheThe weary soul from a mortal crashLike a chicken in a dropping shellWhen all your toil and sweatAnd all
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 Soul Cannibals by Kufre Udeme
The greatest runner can't beat their reachJump to the bottomless pit if you careDistance is no barrier to their sinking glareYour flesh and blood they'll certainly fetchAnd in their coven they'll gladly share.
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