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Kufre Udeme

Kufre Udeme

He was born in 1989, in South Southern Nigeria. In 2008, he became the youngest columnist in Community Pulse - one of the leading Newspapers in Akwa Ibom State. Now, a contributing poet at Mad Swirl - where the maddest of the mad ones are.

Kufre Udeme is a strong-willed writer with an artistic commitment to beat the blind criticism of Africa.

Since 2007, his writings has been published in local and international publications. All States, The Evangelist, and Update Newspapers were the first rung of his publishing ladder. Fullosia Press, NY, published his poem in its 2011 Independence Day Issue entitled, ''The Obama Nation'' paving the way for his featuring in various online publications such as Apollo's Lyre, Queen Vic Knives, Nefarious Ballerina 5.2, Poets West, and Poets Haven. Others include Exercise Bowler - issue 7, Boyne Berries 10, The Moth - Ireland, Decanto issue 5.7, Penny Ante Feud #7, Essence, Rattle Journal issue three, and The Muse - an International Journal of Poetry, India.

This poet holds a certificate on Effective Writing and Book Publishing Skills - awarded by Quest Publishing House, Lagos, in conjunction with Centre for Publishing & Communication Research, and Harvest Time International Institute. Please visit www.kufreudeme.blogspot.com to contact him.
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 A Note To My Child by Kufre Udeme
There is no partiality in creation!In the depth of every mortal,Rest a seed of greatness.Let the seasons come and go,If thou so desire greatness,Thou shall be great.If thy paces are consistent,And thy path is buil
 Seven Meanings of Life by Kufre Udeme
Life is a crystal glassIf life was not a crystal glassReflecting different shapesMen would need no principle to live.Life is a raceIf life was not a raceAwarding losers a crown of shameMen would prefer to cr
 Life Is Tough by Kufre Udeme
For sure and certainLife is tough     I never knew until now     I never believed until this moment     I never would have count it fairIf I were to be so blamed
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 Faces Of Sex by Kufre Udeme
                  Sex                  IsThat black and white seedT
 The Ceremony Is Now Over by Kufre Udeme
(For Gabriel Okara)The ceremony is now overbut the record is in the head.Mouths boast and spread its fameshaking the string of the hosts' threadand distant ears marvelled.The ceremony is now overth
 Only For Your Smile by Kufre Udeme
Lily of the palaceDon't just glanceAt me and passSweet princessDon't just take my greetingAnd continue goingA dwarf from the swine lineageA labourer of tiny wageDear princess, that's meNot
 Still In The Wilderness by Kufre Udeme
I am still in the wildernessThe desert of loveI am still waiting for my darlingMy pleasure giverI cannot travel without my darlingFor the road is roughI lost my darlingRight from birthI have send messages
 Fountain Of Juice by Kufre Udeme
If there is something I love in youIf there is nothing I like to loseIt is those hills above your chestsIt is those eyes that moves my lipsLooking soft like mother's pounded yamIn pair it always standLooking r
 My Friend, My Wife by Kufre Udeme
You are my beloved friendOnly to you I can lendThe best of my garmentWithout an interest commentWith you alone I can blindly dineAnd share my gourd of wineIf you escape with my purseI will put upon you no curse
 Oku Inam by Kufre Udeme
A sanctified institutionBedrock of the highest priestBirthplace of white sacrificeThe way to holinessHead rung of all laddersOrder of the supremeWhere callers are bathedWith misfortunes of gainAnd thos
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