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Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi is a bilingual, fiction and non-fiction writer from Greece.

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 The two faces of hunger #4 - Sacrifices The two faces of hunger #4 - Sacrifices by Katerina Charisi
 Your life against mineYour life against mine by Katerina Charisi
Your life against mineYou wake up at dawn, your eyes adjust to the pale light. I wake up in the middle of night, eyes burning.
 The two faces of hunger #3The two faces of hunger #3 by Katerina Charisi
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 Dismissed by tomorrowDismissed by tomorrow by Katerina Charisi
Dismissed by tomorrowI scrape the dreams I chased with my own bloodI banish the lies with the carmine dropsMy eyes follow the sky and I run;I run
 The two faces of hunger #2 - RecognitionThe two faces of hunger #2 - Recognition by Katerina Charisi
 The two faces of hunger #1The two faces of hunger #1 by Katerina Charisi
 Why I enjoy arguing with my kidsWhy I enjoy arguing with my kids by Katerina Charisi
 Friends till the endFriends till the end by Katerina Charisi
 The lost meaningThe lost meaning by Katerina Charisi
 Oh shit. I am a mom. #1Oh shit. I am a mom. #1 by Katerina Charisi
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