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Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi is a bilingual, fiction and non-fiction writer from Greece.

 What if we didn't have to obey the rulesWhat if we didn't have to obey the rules by Katerina Charisi
 Something from the pastSomething from the past by Katerina Charisi
I’m getting old. I’m getting old and close my doors, one by one.
 Goodbye, VeniceGoodbye, Venice by Katerina Charisi
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 The unchased dreams become our prisonThe unchased dreams become our prison by Katerina Charisi
The unchased dreams become our prisonThe dreams we never chased weigh with time.They weigh like burlap sacks full of dirt out in the rain;Transforming into grotesque sno
 Seas of sorrowSeas of sorrow by Katerina Charisi
 Selfish placeSelfish place by Katerina Charisi
 Why I'll never be a VeganWhy I'll never be a Vegan by Katerina Charisi
 Go to your room...Go to your room... by Katerina Charisi
 The Two Faces of Hunger #8The Two Faces of Hunger #8 by Katerina Charisi
 Women's DayWomen's Day by Katerina Charisi
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