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John Pederson

John Pederson

He's just John and he was one of the founding members of Ovi. Until recently he was MIA, but he has recently surfaced safe and sound in Indonesia.
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 One of the Big-10 guys by John Pederson
At my university, it’s literally a crime to not follow what’s happening in the athletic arena. If someone asks you what you thought of the game, and you can’t fire back, “Man, did you see the QB blitz in the third quarter
 Dear Thanos by John Pederson
Well my friend, I’m graduating from college this week. That’s right, I’ll be receiving my diploma May 15th (the same day this issue of Ovi will hit the streets). As I look ahead, I really don’t know what I see for myself. P
 Illustrated radio by John Pederson
This illustrated guide is a must read for any aspiring radio geek or fan of This American Life, one of the most popular public radio programs in the US. You wouldn’t think illustrations would be so effective for an instructional book on how
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 I'm Just Sayin'...Study abroad by John Pederson
The wall outside the study abroad office at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is plastered with colorful brochures that attract a steady stream of students. Many stop to daydream of these exotic places, but that’s as close as many
 I'm Just Sayin'...What you need to know by John Pederson
Being an exchange student in Finland is harder than it looks. Sure you see us in the cafeteria taking hour-long lunch breaks and hear us talking about recent trips to Stockholm and St. Petersburg, but it’s not all fun and games for us for
 Barefoot Diva by John Pederson
Césaria Évora’s fame is as unique as her eloquent Cape Verdean ballads. She earned the title “barefoot diva” early in her career for frequently performing without shoes, a sign of solidarity with her impoverished homela
 Noise Pollution by John Pederson
I had a rude awakening last weekend when a chorus of trucks, jackhammers and subwoofers rattled me from the depths of my first Chicago-size hangover. It happens all the time (being rudely awaken that is—not slovenly hung over.)
 Dear Asa by John Pederson
Hope you’re over your hangover by the time you read this. My initial plan for the Dear John/Dear Asa column was to just use a catch-all response to cover all the bewilderment my country causes the international community; it was to read,
 Pay for the tour by John Pederson
I have a love-hate relationship with museums. They entice my curiosity but exploit my stinginess. It’s the same thing every time. I fork over the entrance fee, grab the free info on the exhibits and scoff at the suck
 I'm Just Sayin'...Long live polka music! by John Pederson
Let me explain.It all started with a strange phone call from my friend Adam, "John, John, what are you doing tonight?" he stammered. I had no plans but something in his tone made me reluctant to admit it.
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