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John Pederson

John Pederson

He's just John and he was one of the founding members of Ovi. Until recently he was MIA, but he has recently surfaced safe and sound in Indonesia.
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 I'm Just Sayin'...Wisconsin ain’t France by John Pederson
What could be more mundane than a 22-year-old hipster searching for inspiration at the corner coffee shop? Even in my mind’s eye I can’t pick myself out of this crowd. I stare out the window habitually cracking my knuckles and wish I h
 Ticklish ChanceTicklish Chance by John Pederson
Bouncing down the stairs she hit her headI thought it was funny but nothing was saidMy friend and I thought that she was fineI felt in my heart that she would be mineBut I played i
 You and the Little Mermaid by John Pederson
“You and the Little Mermaid can go fuck yourselves!” has become a running joke among my circle of friends. The more I listen, the funnier it gets. The only reason I can come up with this critique is that I
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 A buzz in Wisconsin by John Pederson
After a cup of coffee, sweetened with a spoonful of crystallized honey, Mary Celley, a.k.a. “The Bee Charmer,” emerges from her log home wearing a faded red baseball cap, blue jeans, a tattered brown jacket, small golden specs, and a p
 Who's paying the price? by John Pederson
No matter the score, you can count on fans at West High School to support their Lions. They’ll brave any conditions cheer on student athletes - even multi-million dollar budget deficits.Wisconsin’s Madison Metropol
 I'm Just Sayin'...Live your own story by John Pederson
In high school, I had my own business, called “EverGreen Lawn Care service”. I had flyers, my own old rusty ride-upon lawnmower, and neighborhood references - the whole package. It was a pretty sweet gig compared to my other options; m
 Smurfs and sidewalk chalkSmurfs and sidewalk chalk by John Pederson
Grass stains and soccer cleats Kickball, hotbox, night games fill summer weeks  
 Making calculus sexyMaking calculus sexy by John Pederson
The lead to this story pulled me in with a familiar energy that I grew both to love and hate in college. I could hear my obsessive, passionate, and a bit nerdy college roommate Dave through the story’s main character, Ron.
 Church crawl by John Pederson
The evening started as most Friday nights in Helsinki. I put on some tunes after dinner, hopped in the shower and cleaned up for a night on the town. But the night broke sharply with routine as soon as I locked my apartment door behind me. I was i
 Battling combat stress by John Pederson
Soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom know how to make difficult decisions. Whether it’s calling for backup or choosing to push ahead, these troops make life-altering judgments on a daily basis, but many soldiers face the most difficult choice
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