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Jane Eagle

Jane Eagle

Currently I’m studying in Greece. I also write poems in the morning and articles at night. The poems are quite hilarious; about my articles I’m not so sure what they are exactly. I love cinema - let’s say arts in general, yeah that includes everything - and baking apple pies: myavatar-je.blogspot.com
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 Interactive Writing: Pro/con lists by Jane Eagle
Asa: Are pro/con lists a pro or a con to society? - You have to choose, dear. You can’t date two guys. - But I hit it off with BOTH of them so beauti
 Interactive Writing: The Female FactorInteractive Writing: The Female Factor by Jane Eagle
Listen carefully, guys and gals… Miss Daisy, Rosemary, Dorothy Gale, Scarlett O'Hara, Amelie, Minnie Mouse, Sugar Kane, Mary Poppins, Rebecca… din din, find the connection, please.1. Ok, yes they’re all w
 Interactive Writing: Everybody liesInteractive Writing: Everybody lies by Jane Eagle
Sand: But how did you determine sexual actuality amongst Greeks? People in general are not particularly open as to actual sexual practices so I must assume you h
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 Interactive Writing: The New Generation by Jane Eagle
I had an idea, People of the World, and I’d really like to share it with you (it’s an idea after all not a strawberry popsicle). My column – as you may have noticed - is rarely updated. My head, on the other hand, couldn’t
 Jane of Thought: Flashers of the planet unite! by Jane Eagle
Hello world. Right to the point without prologues, blablablas, etc. (well that is unusual for my style… that coffee has gotta have something to do with it). Anyway, I was checking my mail the other day: Panda Software was updating me about t
 Jane of Thought: Good luck with the 21st century by Jane Eagle
Grrrr…Ok here’s the deal:The 21st Century really concerns me. I do try my best to raise him properly (oh he’s a boy, yeah – a little gayish, yet a boy). I am sure I’m a good provider (and cu
 Jane of Thought: Why do we "art"? by Jane Eagle
"I know that poetry is indispensable, but to what I could not say."A French guy by the name of Jean Cocteau wrote poetry but even he wondered why…It’s true that Art approaches us in each step of our
 Jane of Thought: A teeny-tiny feeling by Jane Eagle
Every now and then I’m seized with an overwhelming urge to write, so I sit before my laptop screen, take a sip of my hot tea, my refreshing juice, my anything, set my fingers in motion and that’s when it hits me: I can’t think of
 Jane of Thought: Drama Queen by Jane Eagle
I reach to the point: The individuals get motivated by the goals that they set on their life-horizon. Too often hypocrisy constitutes one of the legitimate means; a fact which allows them to move maneuvers in the cyber-space plus to achieve the de
 Jane of Thought: Thinker in the twilight zone 2Jane of Thought: Thinker in the twilight zone 2 by Jane Eagle
A person's mind is continuously tortured by the eventual pause of his mental hypostasis. At this point, the faith in after death life puts on its fabulous low-cut gown. The person is relieved the moment he comes
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