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Jan Sand

Jan Sand

I was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up to the age of 12 in Brooklyn, and resided until the age of 36 in Manhattan. I took a degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute and worked in New York until I was designated field man for a New York firm for an exhibition by the US Commerce Dept in Helsinki, where I met my wife. Since then, I worked in Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and in the USA.
 Cool ItCool It by Jan Sand
There is suspicion of intentIn everything, no purpose bent,For living things must orientPurposes where none is meant. 
 Twisters Twisters by Jan Sand
 UtilityUtility by Jan Sand
We know that they are thereLurking in their secret passageways,Hooting high frequencies through their lair.
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 TomatoesTomatoes by Jan Sand
My window sill proudly displaysA grove of tomato plantsThat we
 Old Men Feed The BirdsOld Men Feed The Birds by Jan Sand
In all the parks in all the worldThe old men sitAnd feed the birds.
 VolcanicVolcanic by Jan Sand
Poetry from meIs not written,It erupts.From fea
 ValueValue by Jan Sand
The length of my life has transported me to an area of personal survival in which I am in an extended quest for discovering why and what I am doing here. What is currently valuable to me and what registers as meaningless. In my life, I have exp
 TransitionTransition by Jan Sand
One must integrateWith dirt, with dust,With flakin
 John Sand, Born Drelich, 1890-1973John Sand, Born Drelich, 1890-1973 by Jan Sand
My father took a while to die.I spent six months with him to seeIf I could help him through his misery.But, the effort’s hard to satisfy.The work
 A Couple of ThoughtsA Couple of Thoughts by Jan Sand
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