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Jan Sand

Jan Sand

I was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up to the age of 12 in Brooklyn, and resided until the age of 36 in Manhattan. I took a degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute and worked in New York until I was designated field man for a New York firm for an exhibition by the US Commerce Dept in Helsinki, where I met my wife. Since then, I worked in Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and in the USA.
 Spelunking the PsycheSpelunking the Psyche by Jan Sand
All hard lines, strong shapesBright colors, make escapesTo leave remains behind closed lids.Dark sparkles, vague circles, pyramids
 Mistress' FarewellMistress' Farewell by Jan Sand
Have you ever seen a lady with fried chicken in her hair?Or slept with thirty seagulls in very deep despair?
 2 am2 am by Jan Sand
2 amThe early blackIs still unstirredBy yawning morning.The ceiling fills
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 Trance And Dental MedicationTrance And Dental Medication by Jan Sand
Trance And Dental MedicationNo doubt the prospect of a toothInfected by a microbe’s lack of ruthConjures scenes of horror and dismayTo conve
 The ConceitThe Conceit by Jan Sand
Beneath all sense and sensationWhere the secret gears revolve,Where the snap and slap of moleculesEnforce the chains of interactionTightly confined b
 Midnight Wind At The CarnivalMidnight Wind At The Carnival by Jan Sand
The chill air tumbles down from the moonAnd splashes through trembling leavesTainted by the icebergs of Europa.Silently, like a frenzied animal,The nightwind pokes its nose
 The Master And His PalimpsestThe Master And His Palimpsest by Jan Sand
I do not know who I am nor why.I scribble seasons on the earth and sky.I prescribe the heat, cold, wet and dryAnd watch seas, winds, shells of earth, comply.
 DurationDuration by Jan Sand
DurationThe crack of dawnThrough which dreamsLeak away is
 Mariner's ReportMariner's Report by Jan Sand
Mariner\'s Report I still struggle not to sinkDown to docile death.The music of the minutesFills my spinnakerFor direction and for hope.The seas a
 SeeingSeeing by Jan Sand
The Sun which cedes the day to night does not vanishBut plays peekaboo with the planetWhich spins the universe to displayThe cosmos comprisedOf other su
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