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Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman

As an internet missionary (www.freewebs.com/freegrace) and freelance writer I am mission-minded (Math. 28:18). My purpose is two-fold: To prayerfully and financially support Missions Committees, which collaborates with other churches in supporting national and international missions. And also to aid funding of the Homeless Drop-In Center in Wichita, Kansas. I emphasize Christian Apologetics; fossilization, carbon-14 dating, dinosaurs in the Bible (and contemporary of man), eternal security (once saved, always saved), etc.
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 Leprosy: Symbolic of Sin by Jack Wellman
It is true, said one leper.  The first appendage lost is the worst.  Dreams shattered in a bundle of gauze and lost tissue.  Perhaps a greater loss is that of your family…your friends, your employers, your neighbors, strangers
 Charles Spurgeon on the Centrality of Christ by Jack Wellman
Charles Spurgeon is one of the most famous and most effective preachers in the last 300 years.  Why?  Because if there’s a mist behind the pulpit, there’s a fog in the pew.  Charles Spurgeon made Jesus Christ the central
 Victory Life Ministries by Jack Wellman
I was so blessed to be able to speak at Victory Life Ministries in Pueblo, Colorado.  God is truly working in a powerful way with this church.  I never felt so loved and embraced before at any church.  These godly men and women are
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 Opportunities Gone, Paradise Lost by Jack Wellman
Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi is one of the most respected leaders of modern history. A Hindu, Gandhi nevertheless admired Jesus and often quoted from the Sermon on the Mount. Once when the missionary E. Stanley Jones m
 Camping Out for the Lord by Jack Wellman
Here we go again.  Another dooms day prediction is about to fail.  Jesus Christ’s Second Advent can come at any time but He said that it will be when we least expect it, like a thief in the night.  Even so, Harold Camping has
 Why We Love Our Pets by Jack Wellman
When I get home, the lone male tabby runs to greet me.  For some reason no one else can approach him. Not my wife, my daughter, my other children, nor any other person.  For reasons unknown to me, I am the only one that he trusts. 
 What Christians Want to Know by Jack Wellman
There is a new website that I have had the great privilege to write for.  This website takes on some of the most difficult issues and theological questions that Christians and non-Christians struggle with.  It is called What Christian
 Heaven is for Real by Jack Wellman
My mother-in-law and Colton, a four-year old boy, both who claim that they saw Jesus and both claim to have went to heaven.  They both described being in heaven and both say they saw Jesus.  Michael’s father wrote this very small b
 The Gates of Hell by Jack Wellman
I heard the late Adrian Rogers once describe a young man that was trying to find a bar in Chicago.  It was called The Gates of Hell.  Yes, there was an actually a bar called The Gates of Hell. Not a place you would want to visit I am
 The Parent's Guide to Protecting Children from Pedophiles by Jack Wellman
I recently read and reviewed the book, The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Children from Pedophiles and I must say I was thoroughly impressed.  The author reveals clear signs and symptoms of children who have had to endure such a terrible
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