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Gordana Mudri

Gordana Mudri

Gordana Mudri Born in 1965 in Croatia, skilful with words and hands, head full of images and ideas that are just waiting to break free, drawers filled with hidden works.

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 The Fellowship of the Heart (12 Years Ovi Magazine)The Fellowship of the Heart (12 Years Ovi Magazine) by Gordana Mudri
 For every Little Prince on EarthFor every Little Prince on Earth by Gordana Mudri
 Scattered tribeScattered tribe by Gordana Mudri
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 Death before deathDeath before death by Gordana Mudri
Death before deathStop for a moment…Listen t
 Lament of the old wolfLament of the old wolf by Gordana Mudri
 My willMy will by Gordana Mudri
 MourningMourning by Gordana Mudri
 Ieros Gamos (Sacred Matrimony)Ieros Gamos (Sacred Matrimony) by Gordana Mudri
 Summer oblivionSummer oblivion by Gordana Mudri
 Obscured mindsObscured minds by Gordana Mudri
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