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Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.

Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.

Citizen of the UE and member of the worldwide solidarity movement supporting the Sahrawi People.
 Western Sahara: 32 years of exile and struggle - International Law is not Utopia by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Last 30 April the article titled “Postponing Utopia, Defending Dignity,” by Bernabé López García, was published in the Opinión Section of El País. The article basically j
 The Struggle of the Sahrawi People by Dr. Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Ladies and Gentlemen: My message for all of you is the same as the one for Mr. John Sweeney, president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations: Please, spread all over the worl
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