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Doug McGill

Doug McGill

Bio coming soon...
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 A Son of Minnesota Returns as a Worldly- Wise Monk by Doug McGill
Jim Reynolds began his 40-minute talk to a group of Mayo Clinic physicians and health care workers last week by closing his eyes, putting his palms together and int
 From Oromia to Minnesota, With Love and Coffee by Doug McGill
Joe Riemann bestowed one simple name, and in return received overflowing blessings and a beautiful name for himself.The name he received from members of a grateful immigrant community in the Twin Cities is “Jalata,
  From the Jungle, Global Insights on Words and War by Doug McGill
In her very first interviews last week after being rescued in the jungles of Colombia, following six years of brutal captivity, Ingrid Betancourt remembered and reflected on a great many things.
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 As Ethiopia Boils, Minnesota's Ethiopians Feel the Heat by Doug McGill
Ali Abdifatah is out of his mind right now, understandably so.
 With Spies and Cellphones, Ethiopian Terror Touches Minnesota by Doug McGill
The four men sitting at a downtown coffee shop here recently told me a story that sounded too far-fetched to be true. Could a humanitarian crisis following the pattern of Darfur, Sudan actually be unfolding while capturing hardly a sec
 Ethiopian Official Defects to U.S., Decries Anuak Genocide by Doug McGill
An Ethiopian government official seeking to distance himself from what he says is a continuing attempt by Ethiopia to eradicate an African tribe, has defected to the United States. Obang Oman, who only three weeks ago visited
 In Darfur, Minnesota, Another Kind of Siege by Doug McGill
Every once in a while, someone in this tiny speck of a prairie town catches sight of a “Save Darfur!” poster in a magazine or a newspaper, or on the flickering TV at the Darfur Lounge on main street.What follows is
 An Ethiopian Strongman Meets The Minnnesota Anuak by Doug McGill
The burning question in the days before the tense meeting held here last Saturday was: How would the traumatized survivors of an accused mass killer greet the very person who had planned their doom?
 A Genocide Planner to Meet His Minnesota Survivors by Doug McGill
An Ethiopian government official named as a primary architect of a genocide in western Ethiopia will visit Minneapolis this Saturday, to directly confront members of the African tribe his government has targeted for
 Sometimes, Journalism Stops Free Speech by Doug McGill
The central theme of this talk has been how journalism's weak ethics tradition hampers its ability to adapt and evolve in today's globally interdependent world. Journalists define ethics almost exclusively
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