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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


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 Cedar by David Sparenberg
In yellow-green mistlone cedar standsas cedar has
 American Gun by David Sparenberg
Another mass shooting in America!  They are so frequent they are anticipated.  I favor stick gun control, and the application of the Second Amendment of the Constitution should be challenged as it now stands before weapons’ tech
 If You Become by David Sparenberg
If you become one with God, you share in the agony of God.  The agony of God is in the starvation of polar bears and masses.  In the despair of species on the brink of extinction.  And among victims and survivors of mass murder.
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 Colorful Moods by David Sparenberg
Colorful Moods(two part exercise which can also be worked into performance)1. Today I start Blue.  Not deep, melancholy blue…2. Light Blue.1. Light blue
 Pinholes by David Sparenberg
Pinholes If you shine a lightsize and shape of a pinholeinto the innermost inward,you might catch a glimpse,form and face,fro
 How by David Sparenberg
How do we learn (or relearn) to communicate in the language of creation?  Roaring thunder contains the heartbeat rhythm of the hummingbird; lightning, iridescence of the dragonfly.
 Orcas & Bumblebees by David Sparenberg
 Power Song - Number Two by David Sparenberg
Song that remembers there are tidesSong that remembers there are orphansSong to the heights of tree, beyond trees to the heights of cloudsSong to mountain summits
 GOD of MANY COLORS by David Sparenberg
 Holy Spark by David Sparenberg
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