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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


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 Trauma - a monologueTrauma - a monologue by David Sparenberg
 TormentTorment by David Sparenberg
TormentThe devil of thirst takes hold of me. 
 Red DragonflyRed Dragonfly by David Sparenberg
Red DragonflyThis afternoonI am a red dragonfly
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 The Fate of PoetsThe Fate of Poets by David Sparenberg
The Fate of PoetsCalligraphy burnsIn the firepit of creation.
 Eco-Dharma Eco-Dharma by David Sparenberg
 Colors Of LifeColors Of Life by David Sparenberg
Colors Of LifeWhat are some colors of life on Earth?
 WaitingWaiting by David Sparenberg
 RefugeeRefugee by David Sparenberg
Why does the troubled world press dark and cruelly against my heart?  The world is troubled.  The world is dark and cruel.
 Process Of The Brutalization Of Social SensibilitiesProcess Of The Brutalization Of Social Sensibilities by David Sparenberg
 Poet's Love & Samurai SwordPoet's Love & Samurai Sword by David Sparenberg
Who walks with me? Let them put on their walking shores.  Walk lightly but with dedicated urgency and joy. 
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