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Bohdan Yuri

Bohdan Yuri

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 Stop the B.S. About Healthcare!Stop the B.S. About Healthcare! by Bohdan Yuri
 SpidersSpiders by Bohdan Yuri
Spiders on the crawl send shivers to us all. but spiders on a web hold our single thoughts
 Busy NightBusy Night by Bohdan Yuri
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 Donald Trump: Russia's Lobbyist in the White HouseDonald Trump: Russia's Lobbyist in the White House by Bohdan Yuri
 ISIS - How Deep is the Truth?ISIS - How Deep is the Truth? by Bohdan Yuri
 Who knew herWho knew her by Bohdan Yuri
Who knew her   there\'s a hooker lying deadacross
 Love is a delicious dreamLove is a delicious dream by Bohdan Yuri
love is   a delicious dream, a taste of life
 In a new roomIn a new room by Bohdan Yuri
Shadows dancing, lost and found, stars above, make no sounds;  from the moon, ghostly abstractions fill my room with playful distractions.  a trop
 Only the beginningOnly the beginning by Bohdan Yuri
Can it be...  only the beginning is what truly matters, --- it is the first cause
 SnapshotSnapshot by Bohdan Yuri
The sun was lazy in setting on our last day,A Labor Day breeze cooled most repartee,The drive back to the city would be delayed,As Mike and Donna, in whose house was played,This last summer weekend, ou
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