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Asa Butcher

Asa Butcher

Over ten years in Finland has failed to dent my sense of humour, although it has altered my perception of what it is to be an Englishman. There are times I wonder just who I am and what I am doing, and then my daughters come running to me and I forget all about those thoughts. There's much more to me, but I prefer to save that for our second date...
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 Pandora's Box Office HitPandora's Box Office Hit by Asa Butcher
Earlier today I visited an alien planet. I was fully immersed in the vibrant colours and spectacle of its flora and overwhelmed by the peculiarity
 Ovi's Event/Person of the Year: PreviewOvi's Event/Person of the Year: Preview by Asa Butcher
Settle down, settle down, I know it has been a while since my name last appeared on Ovi's front page, but the prodigal son has now returned so enjoy it while it lasts! Last night I was laying in bed aching all over from some variant strain
 On the Waterfront: Definitely a contenderOn the Waterfront: Definitely a contender by Asa Butcher
Elia Kazan and Marlon Brando were two Hollywood personalities that could instantly polarise opinion, but whatever your personal stance towards either you cannot help but admire some of the films that they both left behind as their legacy.
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 Talk like a Pirate Day: The Princess BrideTalk like a Pirate Day: The Princess Bride by Asa Butcher
Today, me hearties, is International Talk like a Pirate Day and for the fourth consecutive year Ovi magazine has joined the celebrations by hoisting the Skull and Crossbones up its flagpole and writing a pirate-themed article. This year I am ho
 Hollywood OAPs: The DirectorsHollywood OAPs: The Directors by Asa Butcher
 The Searchers: Western DeluxeThe Searchers: Western Deluxe by Asa Butcher
John Wayn
 Undeserved compassionUndeserved compassion by Asa Butcher
As I excitedly began opening my birthday presents on the morning of my tenth birthday I clearly remember BBC Breakfast News being on in the background with live pictures being broadcast from a small Scottish town called Lockerbie that had been dev
 Sir Bobby: Rest in PeaceSir Bobby: Rest in Peace by Asa Butcher
Sir Robert William Robson CBE, simply known as Sir Bobby to millions, was a gentleman of both  English and international football. A player, a manager and an ambassador who you could not fail to love for his grandfatherly appearance, kindly m
 Mummy likes it on topMummy likes it on top by Asa Butcher
Don't worry, this isn't the long-awaited follow-up to the My Dad's balls article that shocked a number of Ovi readers last year. Instead, this is about baby clothing - don't click the Back button just yet, bear with me! There is a
 Kevin Spacey: PhenomenonKevin Spacey: Phenomenon by Asa Butcher
A lot can happen in a decade, a hell of a lot, yet it wasn't until last night that this realisation truly struck home. It is ten years since I went to watch American Beauty upon its initial cinema
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