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Apopseis in Greek means opinions and this site is all about opinion with our very own Thanos as usual loud adding his contribution. Apopseis hosts opinions from members of the Greek parliament from all sides, members of the society and gives room for expression to organizations and associations that fight for a better and more democratic society with freedom of speech and expression.
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 A market ready for some good news - Let's create them by Apopseis.gr
 Politics that shake down stereotypes Politics that shake down stereotypes by Apopseis.gr
Η πολιτική... που καταρρίπτει τα στερεότυπ
 Orpheus: The DJ & The bartenderOrpheus: The DJ & The bartender by Apopseis.gr
We live in an insecure,h
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 The need of a Euro paper-currencyThe need of a Euro paper-currency by Apopseis.gr
Επιβεβλημένη πλέον η έκδοση χαρτον
 Euro-zone and Cyprus; the second experimentEuro-zone and Cyprus; the second experiment by Apopseis.gr
Ευρωζώνη και Κύπρος: Το Δεύτερο Πείρ
 For a place in the Greek public hospitalsFor a place in the Greek public hospitals by Apopseis.gr
 Για μια θέση… σε δημόσιο νοσοκομε
 Against all savioursAgainst all saviours by Apopseis.gr
 The sinking reality of the hotels in AthensThe sinking reality of the hotels in Athens by Apopseis.gr
 Improve or selling out public resourcesImprove or selling out public resources by Apopseis.gr
 Europe: The new SisyphusEurope: The new Sisyphus by Apopseis.gr
Europe is sinking slowly into the quicksand of a deflationary depression, and the  demographic time bomb that is sapping the foundations of Europe is the rapidly greying and ageing of the population.Where in effect there
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