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Andrew Farley

Andrew Farley

28y, 27/10/77, 2nd year student at Chichester University studying English & Creative Writing. Frustrated guitarist/singer/songwriter and proud husband and father of two.
 "The Rhyme of the Drunken Mariners""The Rhyme of the Drunken Mariners" by Andrew Farley
Are we sitting comfortably?If yes then I’ll begin.To tell a tale so tall and toughyour head and tongue will spin.Two sailors sat and sung a songthat sounded slightly odd.They sniffed an
 Pins and NeedlesPins and Needles by Andrew Farley
Even before I opened my eyes, I could the feel the warm midday sun splashed across my face. As the room came into focus and my eyes adjusted to the light, a familiar sense of disappointment washed over me. I don’t dream very often you see, d
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