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Amin George Forji

Amin George Forji

I am a Law Postgraduate Research fellow at Helsinki/Kent University. I'm from Cameroon. In my leisure time, I'm a freelance writer. I write both fiction and non- fiction. My major academic Research Interests include: World Crises and International Politics, Legal approach to World & Regional Conflicts, Legal philosophy, Legal theory, and Humanitarian Law.
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 Darfur is first priority by Amin George Forji
In accordance with the established tradition of the UN, the body’s new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon officially started his tenure on January 1st, 24-hours after his predecessor, Kofi Annan, stepped down. Since New Year’s Day is a U
 Adieu Kofi Annan by Amin George Forji
As the New Year begins, so does a new era for the world’s governing body, the United Nations Organization (UNO). Kofi Annan has stepped down and has been succeeded by South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon as the new world’s top administrat
 ZZ: Sportsman of the Year by Amin George Forji
As 2006 ended, and we welcome a new year, it is traditionally imperative to picture out persons who distinguished themselves during the course of the previous year. In fact, prominent magazines the world over are rig
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 Pakistan's Iron Curtain by Amin George Forji
Pakistan and Afghanistan, both allies to the USA's 'War on Terror', are no longer at ease following Pakistan’s move to fence and mine most of its 2,500km border with Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai
 "Love Mis-directed" by Amin George Forji
Right from that dream night That we first met By the sandy beachI could read from your eyes How much you'd surrendered your poor heart Without any reservation to me.It
 Finns debate Santa's home by Amin George Forji
As the world awaits the purported birthday of Christ on December 25th, globally known as Christmas, one figure, like previous years, appears to dominate the scene -Santa Claus, commonly referred to as Father Christmas, who is believed to bring
 African Military Cup Of Nations by Amin George Forji
The competition wrapped up on December 17th when host, Cameroon outplayed their Malian counterpart winning 1-0. This year's African Military Football Cup competition, dubbed CAMFOOT 6, was the sixth of its kind organised in Africa. It was held
 2014 bidding is now open by Amin George Forji
The Executive Committee of the world football governing body, FIFA, have released the time schedule for the forthcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa. According to the programme, the competition will run for exactly one month from June 11th to Ju
 Seeking refuge in Cameroon by Amin George Forji
With the two CEMAC landlocked countries of Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) presently rocked by bitter conflicts between the military and rebel movements, over 240,000 people have been displaced throughout the region.
 A death blow to the ICC by Amin George Forji
Former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet died on December 10th in the Santiago military hospital, where he had been recovering from a heart attack for a week. Priests had administered him with last rites, but doctors believed he was recove
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