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Alexandra Pereira

Alexandra Pereira

Multiculturality-loving fantasist Portuguese who studied painting, screenplays-literature and psychology. Thinks that only a few simple things in life are truly worth it: http://www.alexandra-pereira.com/en/
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 Interview with a Finnish Conscientious Objector Made Prisoner by Alexandra Pereira
It is timely for International Conscientious Objectors' Day 2009 to republish an interview from late 2008 with a Finn imprisoned for refusing to take either option of Finnish Conscription.* * * * *  First o
 Photovoltaic Ink-Jet Cells and Printable Electronics by Alexandra Pereira
 Berlusconi, Just Resign! by Alexandra Pereira
It has become more and more obvious for me that most of my Italian friends are extremely and increasingly concerned with the state of their country and the quality of their democracy. Berlusconi is not just a joker, he is a very dangerous kind of
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 Carnations Have a Future by Alexandra Pereira
“April is Young, it has a future”. Although we are waving goodbye to the month of April now, and already cheering the 2009 Summer ahead of us, the slogan still applies today almost as well as it applied when April had a wil
 "Who do I call when I want to talk to Europe?" by Alexandra Pereira
 EU's Bread by Alexandra Pereira
 The Strasbourg Speech: Change in Europe by Alexandra Pereira
Barack Obama went to Strasbourg to give a speech to the French and German people in the audience.  A good sign, since it shows a sincere effort to engage in a productive and honest dialogue with Europe. We have our disagreements, but this dia
 Essay For a Post-Opus Dei United States by Alexandra Pereira
 Jari Marjamäki's Gigs by Alexandra Pereira
Jari Marjamäki, aka Zentex the musical chameleon, or DJ Yari the non-Russian fellow, or former “Mechanical Ballet” show host for Lisbon-based Oxygen radio station – featuring techno, minimal electronic and electro –
 Xenophobia In Switzerland Strikes Pregnant Immigrant (?!) by Alexandra Pereira
It is when I have to report crimes/soap operas like the one I am about to describe that I feel truly ashamed and disgusted for being... a human. The photo attached shows the belly of Paula Ventura Oliveira, a 26 year-old Brazilian female lawyer br
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