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Alexandra Pereira

Alexandra Pereira

Multiculturality-loving fantasist Portuguese who studied painting, screenplays-literature and psychology. Thinks that only a few simple things in life are truly worth it: http://www.alexandra-pereira.com/en/
 Gay Marriage Approved in PortugalGay Marriage Approved in Portugal by Alexandra Pereira
Two years after I was born, in 1982, homosexuality was still consider
 Modernism in BrazilModernism in Brazil by Alexandra Pereira
Modernism in Brazil was always contemporary of other distinct movements, however if the original contributions of all these groups to South-American culture are undeniable, their contributions on a global level are very poorly
 Will Modernism be On the Streets?Will Modernism be On the Streets? by Alexandra Pereira
Will Modernism and the many -isms it produced, will they be on the streets? Are young generations of creators taking into account, much more than ever before, what is done elsewhere, it does matter what is done if it
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 On Tropicalism and the Tribalists - IIOn Tropicalism and the Tribalists - II by Alexandra Pereira
 Tropicalism and TribalismTropicalism and Tribalism by Alexandra Pereira
 Greenpeace Brazil wins transgenic rice dispute against BayerGreenpeace Brazil wins transgenic rice dispute against Bayer by Alexandra Pereira
 A Loo-Regime in IranA Loo-Regime in Iran by Alexandra Pereira
So I decided to take a break from my exhausting task of, according to Asa, ‘drawing on the toilet walls of the National Gallery’ - what big toilets they have! So much Italian graffiti on them and everything - I just miss a Jacuzzi to s
 List of Silly DeathsList of Silly Deaths by Alexandra Pereira
I was always fascinated by silly deaths, and I certainly would like my own (hopefully many years from now) to have lots of humor involved and cause people to laugh – perhaps because when one laughs about such a serious matter, that relieves
 Il Capo Di Tutti Capi Strikes AgainIl Capo Di Tutti Capi Strikes Again by Alexandra Pereira
“You publish a book if it is good, you don’t if it is bad”Giulio Einaudi, on his aversion to publish (or not) a book due to financial or political reasonsNo: all the scandals, the cases of corruption an
 RIP Mr. CinemaRIP Mr. Cinema by Alexandra Pereira
This month a unique man died. João Bénard da Costa belonged to that rare type of men who gather several exceptional qualities combined in such an unmatched way that people feel they are somehow irreplaceable – with multiple talents
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