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Alexander Mikhaylov

Alexander Mikhaylov

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Once I’d tried to be everything: a rock musician, a street sweeper, a carpenter, a circus clock room attendant, a night guard, an artist, a music instructor, and a rock group manager. I emigrated to USA as political refugee in 1989. I’ve been living in Europe for the last eight years.
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 Living on River GuayaLiving on River Guaya by Alexander Mikhaylov
River Guaya that borders an Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, is awfully wide. In morning, it rises with a high tide, swelling as it goes, then stops and turns the other way around, exposing a narrow strip of mud along its banks, littered with rubb
 The dark side of the moon: Confession of a househusbandThe dark side of the moon: Confession of a househusband by Alexander Mikhaylov
I feel genuinely sorry for my wife who, when being asked this simple question ‘And what your husband does?’ is always struggling with a right answer. The honest reply to such an inquiry would be ‘Why, he is a househusband
 Discworld lives!Discworld lives! by Alexander Mikhaylov
Nowadays Terry Pratchett stands among a crowd of contemporary authors as a proverbial giant. Some say he is the only contemporary English language writer who merits serious attention and some dismiss him as a merely go
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 Beauty or the beast: Notes on glorified anorexiaBeauty or the beast: Notes on glorified anorexia by Alexander Mikhaylov
You know what? I think there is something wrong with my head. I came to this poignant conclusion when I realized that… Well, come on! Let us say it aloud, like a brave guy: I DO NOT LIKE THIN WOMEN! I do not like beefy men either, but sin
 HerniaHernia by Alexander Mikhaylov
My mother often mentioned that I was born with some defectCalled hernia.I had no idea how serious it was.All I knew that there was something funny with my balls. One of my balls was hanging lo
 Charles Darwin and a pool partyCharles Darwin and a pool party by Alexander Mikhaylov
He was a nice guyFunny and loud especiallyAfter a few drinks and a couple of joints He often repeated just how much He loved EcuadorAnd Latin American music‘Man! There is not
 Quo VadisQuo Vadis by Alexander Mikhaylov
Advertising is truly an amazing thing. For instance, only a few days ago I found under my door a leaflet that I mistook at first for a cinema program. Upon closer inspection however, it turned out to be an advertisemen
 Something exoticSomething exotic by Alexander Mikhaylov
We flew to Madrid from Stockholm in an early morningIn Stockholm, it was cold but in Madrid it got betterWading through Spanish crowd, killing a few hoursBefore our next flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador
 Death of the behemoth: An essay on smokingDeath of the behemoth: An essay on smoking by Alexander Mikhaylov
Apparently, this animal has never suffered from a lack of publicity. Soviet military complexes, US military complexes, and now even ‘Phillip Morris’ corporation were all called a ‘behemoth’ at least dozen times. Speaking
 Strip pokerStrip poker by Alexander Mikhaylov
I was fifteen years old at that timeStudying at trade school, skipping it often whenTwo of my buddies came over to my placeIt was a quiet afternoon, one of those I normally choose to stay at home
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