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Akli Hadid

Akli Hadid

Born in New York and lived in Mozambique, Colombia, Turkey, Algeria, France before settling temporarily in South Korea. Holds a Certificate and a B.A. in Foreign Languages with a Minor in Social and Economic Administration from the University of Nanterre, France, and an M.A. in International Relations majoring in Peace and Global Governance from Kyung Hee University, Seoul. He is completing a Certificate in Korean Language from Yonsei University, Seoul. Has advanced conversational skills in 8 languages. Worked as a researcher, a journalist and a translator. Interested in anything related to cultural and identity issues as well as global issues in general.
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 Eureka: What employers should do at job interviewsEureka: What employers should do at job interviews by Akli Hadid
I\'ve given a lot of advice to people going to job interviews, on how to write resumes, how to behave during interviews and how to ace job interviews. Now I\'m going to reverse the trend, and give interviewers, that is those who interview peopl
 Eureka: 5 myths of astrophysics we all like to believeEureka: 5 myths of astrophysics we all like to believe by Akli Hadid
5 myths of astrophysics we all like to believe1. The big bang theory myth. 6 billion years ago there was a huge explosion in the universe and laid out the 100 billion galaxies and all the stars formed or so
 Eureka: 10 legal limits of freedom of speechEureka: 10 legal limits of freedom of speech by Akli Hadid
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 Eureka: A lifetime of reading in 5 minutesEureka: A lifetime of reading in 5 minutes by Akli Hadid
You are an elementary school kid. You have a fascination with any atlas and with world leaders. You have a particular fascination with 20th century leaders, and an ever greater fascination with political assassinations. Your teachers berate you
 Eureka: Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorderEureka: Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: A serious chat on PhDs Eureka: A serious chat on PhDs by Akli Hadid
You can buy your PhD in Mexico and Central America (and as many PhDs as you want) and you can get a PhD in Finland, Sweden and Norway for absolutely no money in 3 days, all you have to do is defend a dissertation, and if the jury validates, con
 Eureka: Currency exchange fluctuations explained simply and clearlyEureka: Currency exchange fluctuations explained simply and clearly by Akli Hadid
There are basically four types of currency flows: individual and household flows, corporate flows, financial market flows and government flows. A fifth category could be International and non-governmental organization flows. For all five flows,
 Eureka: Is North Korea bluffing again?Eureka: Is North Korea bluffing again? by Akli Hadid
Let me be concise and a little vulgar. Apologies for that. Sasha Baron Cohen, in his Bruno character, a acting as gay Austrian reporter, his character meets a Christian pastor for gay conversion therapy. That is Bruno wants to become straight a
 Eureka: The new way of writing resumesEureka: The new way of writing resumes by Akli Hadid
To be simple, the new way to write resumes is the paranoid way to write resumes. The idea is you don\'t put forward anything other than your ability to perform at tasks and skills. In other words, you leave out anything that has nothing to do w
 Eureka: Were things really better in the past? Eureka: Were things really better in the past? by Akli Hadid
An honest assessment of the past, present and future. Entertainment: Of course we\'re a lot better off today than we were ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years ago. We have unlimited access to movies, music, games, even
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