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Akli Hadid

Akli Hadid

Born in New York and lived in Mozambique, Colombia, Turkey, Algeria, France before settling temporarily in South Korea. Holds a Certificate and a B.A. in Foreign Languages with a Minor in Social and Economic Administration from the University of Nanterre, France, and an M.A. in International Relations majoring in Peace and Global Governance from Kyung Hee University, Seoul. He is completing a Certificate in Korean Language from Yonsei University, Seoul. Has advanced conversational skills in 8 languages. Worked as a researcher, a journalist and a translator. Interested in anything related to cultural and identity issues as well as global issues in general.
 Eureka: A fireside chat on qualitative economicsEureka: A fireside chat on qualitative economics by Akli Hadid
A lot of times we evaluate economic progress by looking at quantitative indexes, such as GDP growth rates or unemployment rates. Some countries do rather well quantitatively, with high GDP growth rates and low unemployment rates and the like, y
 Eureka: Novelty seeking vs. novelty avoidantEureka: Novelty seeking vs. novelty avoidant by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: South Korea - bringing back 10% growthEureka: South Korea - bringing back 10% growth by Akli Hadid
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 Eureka: The language learning curriculumEureka: The language learning curriculum by Akli Hadid
In France they focus language learning on reading. That is you read a text, and the teacher lectures you on pronunciation, grammar, synonyms, definitions, reading comprehension and at the end you get an essay question
 Eureka: Solving Korean problems Eureka: Solving Korean problems by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: What Arabs tell me about IsraelEureka: What Arabs tell me about Israel by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: Understanding social media for professionalsEureka: Understanding social media for professionals by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: Media and social media for politiciansEureka: Media and social media for politicians by Akli Hadid
 Eureka: Different types of povertyEureka: Different types of poverty by Akli Hadid
Poverty can affect individuals, families, societies or nations. Having studied poverty, I realized that most scholars did not differentiate the different types of poverty one can encounter. So in this article I will outline briefly what I consi
 Eureka: Clearing Israeli stereotypesEureka: Clearing Israeli stereotypes by Akli Hadid
Having spent my entire life with people outside Israel, here\'s a glimpse at how Israel is perceived and what it actually looks like. To sum up Israel gets lost in translation around the global media and mentalities, like,
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