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Akli Hadid

Akli Hadid

Born in New York and lived in Mozambique, Colombia, Turkey, Algeria, France before settling temporarily in South Korea. Holds a Certificate and a B.A. in Foreign Languages with a Minor in Social and Economic Administration from the University of Nanterre, France, and an M.A. in International Relations majoring in Peace and Global Governance from Kyung Hee University, Seoul. He is completing a Certificate in Korean Language from Yonsei University, Seoul. Has advanced conversational skills in 8 languages. Worked as a researcher, a journalist and a translator. Interested in anything related to cultural and identity issues as well as global issues in general.
 The universe is not flatThe universe is not flat by Akli Hadid
For reasons of practicality, the physical description of the universe we often have is one represented in landscape format describing the solar system. This description is often misleading, as many astrophysicists tend to believe that galaxies
 How to become an alpha person How to become an alpha person by Akli Hadid
Some companies make you spend hundreds of dollars, pretending to teach you how to become a better person. Here I will give you tips, absolutely free, on how to become an alpha person. A lot of literature uses the phrase
 Signs of a destructive relationshipSigns of a destructive relationship by Akli Hadid
Signs of a destructive relationship, at the workplace or within a couple. At the workplace -If you feel that you are “not understood” at the workplace, you are probably dealing with “narcissist
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 Notes on the upcoming Israeli electionsNotes on the upcoming Israeli elections by Akli Hadid
Notes, in no particular order, on the upcoming Israeli elections. -First of all, politics is no longer an attractive trade in Israel. In Israel as in many other countries, people want big careers in the private sector, want
 I'll bring itI'll bring it by Akli Hadid
Finish this wit livingI\'ll shift this dimwit twistLight this brisk, gi
 A review of Shlomo Sand's booksA review of Shlomo Sand's books by Akli Hadid
A few notes, in no particular order. Reactions after reading Shlomo Sand\'s “the invention of the Jewish people” and “the invention of the land of Israel.” -Both books are approximately 300 pages and
 The jester restsThe jester rests by Akli Hadid
Tell them never ever let her test meShe sees me cheer her Then sh
 Signs that they are cheatingSigns that they are cheating by Akli Hadid
The signs you partner is cheating on you are never 100% clear. Each individual has different ways of being faithful or unfaithful. But here are some signs, the kind of signs you won\'t find in other literature. -Does your p
 Cultural notes on the FrenchCultural notes on the French by Akli Hadid
Every French man or women are an entire world to themselves. But here are some cultural notes on the French in general. -We in the US tend to be a happy bunch who are rather hard to irritate. The French on the other hand ar
 How to find out if someone has feelings for youHow to find out if someone has feelings for you by Akli Hadid
There are four six words to find out if someone has feelings for you: active seduction, passive seduction, active presence, passive presence, active communication, passive communication. Active seduction: If they have feeli
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