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Desire -  A Reply to Dante Desire - A Reply to Dante
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-05-19 10:04:03
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You well know by now
That her regency depends upo
Her receding faster
Than your desire can follow.

You have long known that,
Yet you kept on insisting on insisting.

Death would knock you over
If you ever caught her, and
If she had come to earth a California girl
Incapable of receiving what you offer.

Could such a one care about your thoughts,
Cascading as they do in great abundance
From the citadel inside your brain,
Or any of those schemes of yours, inexhaustible?
Your symposia, your typologies, your topographies,
Your mission, your seriousness?

She likes different kinds of men than you.
What is your thirty-year-long poem to her?

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