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Come With Me, Little Girl... Come With Me, Little Girl...
by Leah Sellers
2013-05-18 11:25:13
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A sadistic, “nice guy”, psychopath by the name of Ariel Castro kidnapped, imprisoned and physically and psychologically abused three young girls, Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, in Cleveland, Ohio for a decade or longer.
Amanda Berry may have born his child, who also became just another one of Mr. Castro’s Prisoners.
These Girls Lives were irrevocably changed when they accepted a Ride Home from Mr. Castro.
The Car Door opens wide.  The Beast within licking its Hungry Maw, Smiles, Winks and Nods, “I Live in The Neighborhood.  Come with Me, Little Girl.  I’ll give you a Ride.  Never Fear, my dear.  “Cause you’re about to Dis-appear into my Labyrinth of Terrors.
At the end of this Ride, I’ll grab your pretty little neck and Chain it and You to a Wailing Wall.
Welcome to my World of Violence - of Violence and twisted Control, and deviant, brutal, demoralizing Sexual Fantasies, which will all Become your stampeding and viciously trampling Nightmares.
Yes, you’re in my Crushing Hands and Reality now, but Never Fear, My Dear.  “Cause you’re about to Dis-appear.  To be Born again.  Each day of your Capture and EnSlavement to My World will be celebrated with a Birthday Cake and smoldering Candles all ablaze.  Fire is so Purifying you know.  We’ll burn down Your Past - My Past, and start as Prisoners of a Common Misery anew.  But Your daily Pain that I will beat, and bruise and lacerate your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul with each and every Day, and the Sexual Satisfactions I force from your soft, young bodies every Day will ease the Restless Hurts and Pains within my Dark and Twisted Psyche.  Damaging you will fill my Need.  And I will leave my Labyrinth of Terrors each day Empowered and Strong.  Able to maintain my Disguise of Normalcy.
My Normalcy in a World of Neighbors so bent on their own Survival - their own Needs and Daily Activities - their own Internal and External Prisons of Poverty.  Poverty draining them every moment of their own Senses and Sensibilities.
All of us trapped in depleting and imPoverishing Systems, trapping and depleting and imPoversishing Citizens who trap, deplete and imPoverish their own Versions of Victims and Victimizing.  A sloppy, hair raising Vortex of Dark and De-structive Re-cycled Cycles of imPoverished and depleted Behaviors we all participate within at various levels.
Yes, My trapped, depleted and imPoverished neighborly Neighborhood ghosts will glide past your daily cries for HELP and caged misery deaf, dumb and blind.
I’ll invite my neighborly Neighbors into my Labyrinth of Terrors, and they will never suspect a thing, as we play and create Music, and have a few drinks of friendship together.  And every time the Neighbors walk out of my Macabre Domain, you will lose Faith in your Salvation.  And chained to the Wailing Wall of my Basement, you will bow and scrape and pander for my ugly, stinging, Soul destroying verbal and physical attentions.  Because I am your God.  The Grim Reaper of all of your Hopes and Dreams.  But the Maker of my own Perverse and Dis-torted Kingdom of Sex Slaves and Pain.
I may not be able to control my ex-wife and my Children.  But You - chained and tied up to my Wailing Wall - why, I can and will run rough shod and jabbing cattle prod over You.  Your Life and Your Death are Mine !
Now, that I have Collected three of You, my Games will give me even more devastating delight.  I am Ariel, the Voracious lion of God.  Perverse Angel  of my Life’s Re-venge.  A fiery Vengence which I will pour down upon You.  I will drown you in it.  Your Fears and Degradation will fill me with Power, and ease my Pain.
You, three Little Girls.  I will break you and mold you to my own corrosive Needs and ideas of Playful Sexual Carnage.
While I build even more Traps within your Minds, while keeping your bodies Trapped beneath mine.
I’ll decide who has my Babies and who doesn’t.  So, if you get pregnant, and I don’t want you to, I’ll use your little pregnant tummy for a Punching Bag until the Lights Go Out in that unWanted fetus of yours.  I am the Life-Giver.  You are not, unless Chosen to do so.
Every Day I get to pick and Choose, Violate and Abuse any one of you three or all of you three.  This Trap of Violence and Decay sets Me Free to be Me.
And don’t look at me as though I’m the only Beastly Monster you’ve ever seen.  You Chose to get into the Car with me, My Dears.  And out there, outside of my Labyrinth of Terrors, there’s another One of Me somewhere right down the Road.

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