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A Famous Man of Letters A Famous Man of Letters
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-05-15 04:01:45
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Righteousness his redoubt,
This curmudgeon played the dialectics
Of all things, all thoughts, all feelings through all ages
To the delight of his cognoscenti
And to the edification of all men
But not their women, whom he left
To their natural envy, their natural loyalties,
Which he deemed makes of the world a twirl.

All this imbroglio ― how could a god not a devil
Have fashioned it?
It lacks all fairness, all sense.  Hence ressentiment.

That was why, when he settled into alcohol and senseless talk,
Using as material his recollections of boyhood days,
And his own people’s ways, he could make it through the night,
Lying there among rancid bedbugs and filthy cockroaches,
Sighing the woes of the present and the beauties of the past,
Until at last he gave up his ghost for the sake of symmetry.

Later, those who adored him made of that condign stink and mess
Their holy place of pilgrimage, flying in from all corners.

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