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John of Patmos: Aleph of Light - Alpha and Omega John of Patmos: Aleph of Light - Alpha and Omega
by David Sparenberg
2013-05-14 10:49:10
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A power came, as if a power coming down from sky above.  A power came, as if a power coming up from earth below.  Two conjoined as one.  Nobody rationally explains the conjunction of opposites.  Paradox fertilizes below the soil of consciousness.

A shape formed.  The shape was light that is no light.  The shape was living fire that consumes nothing.  Out of the shape came voice.  Not voice to be heard—a voice to be felt!  The speech of the voice was prophecy saying:

“You are into the cathartic in the passion of sacrifice.  Darkness has long been falling hard upon the earth.  The darkness is terrible, with horrors stretching far beyond the ken of words.

"After eclipse, dawn returns.  All who live to see the morning of re-genesis will live in the individuating freedom of beatitude.

“When the storm of darkness smothers the world and face in racing clouds is the demon of mortal death, you shall lift a beacon against the descending.  Out of this surrender and courage, those who are young, and yet to be, shall live.  Behind your light they will bright forth into life the light that dwells beyond darkness.”

Thus was the prophecy spoken.

Now I am old, a frail man, and end time is near. Let those who have ear to hear and those who have eyes to see… that tested and the trusting may prepare a requiem of passing and a canticle of renewal.

Beware of false guides and false prophets.  There are promises that are empty imaginings.  There are sigh posts that lead only to dead ends.

Hold trustingly to the symbolum that imprints truth in the deep piety of heart and soul.  Light behind darkness is first light.  It is the aleph in the holy dialogue and is hidden—the way root sustaining tree—the tree of life—is hidden.  In the garden of evolution it is alpha and omega.

Humanly holy is to love and refrain from bloodshed.  Miracle is to birth a candle; to stand with dignity, joining hands in a circle of prayer, and share small offering from the goodness of the earth.

David Sparenberg

5 May 2013


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