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Quantum Palmistry: The "+" (cross) Constellation Quantum Palmistry: The "+" (cross) Constellation
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-05-09 10:49:30
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palm01_400_06The "+" constellation is about our mystic beliefs and faith. Mystic beliefs and faith are important aspects of our lives and we would not be human without them. They entangle all our hopes and fears, and focus these thoughts and aspirations upon our inner self. This partly determines the way we choose to how we live our lives. The "+" constellation in this regards shows some of the basic essence of our true self, and thus a very important constellation.  

If you take a close look between the heart and  wisdom lines where the fate line intersects them, you may notice a line running between the heart and wisdom lines, as depicted in diagram A. People with this line constellation are deeply interested in the mystic, spiritual, and maybe even the world of the occult. They are fascinated with things that cannot be seen, that requires an element of faith. These things are associated with something that could be supernatural.

In addition these people may possess some form of supernatural power or sixth sense, or an ability to foresee the future. This could be just insight or it could be something much stronger that we are not really able to explain with the knowledge of our present science. Ironically there is some evidence for this in quantum theory, where there is a connection between everything through the fields that we discussed in the first few articles. We tend to connect to the environment through the fields of imagination and energy. But also remember that unpredictability can make the future uncertain.

Those people with this "+" constellation will be in great harmony with the environment around them, in some form of environmental empathy. Consequently life tends to be easy for these people, because they are able to flow with the events going on around them, rather than fight them. So let's go to the metaphor of the flowing river, if you swim with the current, it will be much easier than trying to swim against the current.

palm02_400_01People with this "+" constellation are mindful, spiritual, or even mystic and are enormously aware of the environment around them. Most likely these people would be virtuous and compassionate to the world. One more thing worth mentioning here is that these people have the wonderful ability to reframe events around them. Something like a disaster or mishap can be turned around both emotionally and mentally into something positive. these people know how to harness and manipulate the energy field, keeping it positive around their presence.

You would expect religious people like priests, imans, or monks to have this constellation on their hands.

People with the constellation in diagram B are deeply religious. However their religious faith is very inward and they tend to have very little interest in the outside world around them. Consequently they are not competitive people, not ambitious in their material careers, and have little interest in the commercial world.

When people develop empathy for the fields around them, and as their perception of energy improves through the use of imagination, many new understanding will develop inside their mind which will develop a sense of inner faith within them. Under such "learning" or "knowing", the "+" constellation in diagram B will appear on their hand.

However a downside to the influence of this constellation is some people may believe that fate has already been written for them, and that they have no power to determine their own future. 


People with the "+" constellation in diagram C have a thirst and desire for power and domination. They seek position or money in order to dominate and control others. This can be a major driver of a person pursing their careers as they are able to focus their energies and imagination around their goals in life. Such people will tend to be egotistical as the energies within them create a sense of self importance which is released through desire and drive. This ego is the source of their motivation. However if this state is excessively strong within a person, they will tend to be compulsive and even narcissistic, finding it very difficult to work with others. But remember here many successful people posses both compulsive and narcissistic traits.


Some of the downsides to this tendency is that these people make seek to draw attention to themselves, dramatize everything, and seek short term successes and publicity. This makes them shallow people and insensitive to the fields around them, but doesn't mean that they are not master manipulators.

Sometimes ambition and success will enable this constellation to appear on the hand.

The "+" constellation represents the essence of our thoughts and motivations, thus must be examined in any quantum reading. The constellation if read in conjunction with the life, heart, and fate lines, will give the reader some hint of a person's ambition, motivation, and available energy to pursue potential fates. 

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anonymous2014-11-09 17:03:50
i have the cross in diagram a in both my left and right palms :D

Erin2015-05-16 16:09:05
I have the cross in diagram A on my right hand - thanks so much for writing this, it's hard to find information on it.

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