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The Bomber - Terminus ad quem The Bomber - Terminus ad quem
by David Sparenberg
2013-05-11 10:14:00
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The suicide bomber is first to go.  In an instant, measured by a fury of fire, he disappears; his body fragmented.  No—fragmentation is far too gentle of a term.  The bomber’s flesh is ripped and torn, severed, smashed, shredded, fried and roasted, and char-bits and burning remains, grotesquely suggesting cancelled human capacities, are thrown about.

What on earth!  It happens so quickly.  Death near the speed of light.  Martyrdom.

Killing himself, he murders his father and his mother, his grandfather and grandmother, his unwed bride and unlived dreams, his un-conceived and never to be sons and daughters.

A surrogate has captured his youth and taught him militantly, “Sacrifice is sacred slaughter.”  He believes; he surrenders to the instant.  What he does to himself—his moment in history facing toward eternity, a savage-orgasmic last prayer to houris and valkyries, his inferno-crime—the suicide bomber duplicates (faithfully) in the terminus of others.

David Sparenberg

30 September 2012


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