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Urban Minotaur Urban Minotaur
by David Sparenberg
2013-05-08 09:22:21
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You are literate.  But you do not know how to read.  Signs are ignored, words elude you, windows blackened.  And the writing on the wall does not get inside.

You are conscious. But your imagination is either anesthetized or raped.  Your consciousness is contained in a box.  Like those Casa Girls of the Philippines who are bought for a nickel on their backs.  There too is your God; maybe it is Jesus in a money box.  There too your humanity—in box dimensions—with lid and inscription and the lock of normalcy.

You have eyes.  But you do not see.  Looking only when and where you are told.  Your eyes learning to be politically correct, publically blind, while stalking and stoking rage on congested streets and freeways.


You have ears and your ears are not without hearting.  But you do not listen.  Listening to you is forgotten art.  And art is not a virtue in this era of software and guns.  Least of all do you listen to the cry of pain and hunger, and the still small voice that moves with ancient passion before the isolating cyber-cavern of existence.

You are upright and clever, and you utilize each of your limbs.  Yet your soul is twisted and your movement, heavily against the Earth, is crooked.

In all of this you consider yourself average, not exceptional; equally cheated and equally lucky that nobody expects more of you.

And too there is your secret—that thing you hold tightly against your labyrinth-heart. And your secret is dangerous

David Sparenberg

19 April 2013 


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